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b c

on 29 April 2010

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Superfreakonomics "Trust me, I'm a liar" "Prostitution is not easy" "Inprison me, I'm uninsured" "Doctor knows best(?)" What do Al Gore and
Mount pinatabo have in common? Life and Economics are alot alike Economics are freaking cool now! Sharks kill on average five people a year. Elephants around 200. Why are we not scared of Elephants? Chicago prostitutes are more likely to have sex with a cop than be arrested by one. Suicide bombers don’t have savings accounts, life insurance or mortgages. Al Gore might be a douchebag. "As soon as monkeys were taught the value of money they paid for sex. Then food." Even for people who DONT graduate college
bill gates- harvard "When Al Gore urges the citizenry to sacrifice... the agnostics grumble that human activity accounts for just 2 percent of global carbon-dioxide emissions, with the remainder generated by natural processes like plant decay..." Suprised? Why? Think how mad MADD would feel
after hearing this stat? WOW factor? "It's not that we don't know how to stop polluting the atmosphere. We don't want to stop, or aren't willing to pay the price." We all assume that doctors wash their hands each any every time they come in contact with a new patient to prevent the spread of disease but as we all know doctors are people too. As you all probably know less than 70% people wash their hands after they use the bathroom and doctors are no different 40% of doctors admitted to not washing their hands. "The beauty of terrorism--if you are a terrorist-- is that you can succeed even by failing" A civic passion on steroids Driving Home Drunk Walking Home Drunk Deaths: 1000/year Deaths: 13000/year Hmm... 1:140 miles driven drunk 43 Billion Miles Walked eight times more likely to get killed as a 'Drunk Walker' then as a 'Drunk Driver' US Census Bureau Data NHTSA 2006 Journal of Political Economy no. 6 2001 NHTSA April 2003 You can't find the answer if you don't ask the question! That is why we will add in the given resources Marrying the econmics approach to a rouge freakish curiosity
- Gary Becker (Noble Prize 1992) Microeconomics Matter Why Aren't More Women Prostitutes? Free Sex! Barbie Comic Once upon a time. . . This / That = Something. . . So... You are eight times more likely to get killed as a 'Drunk Walker' then as a 'Drunk Driver' Al Gore might be a douchebag. Are we full of shit? Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 2006. Medical Journal of Australia (1996) People find solutions! PEOPLE FIND SOLUTIONS! 43 Billion 140 rate of deaths/mile walked Compared to drunk driving deaths, you are Our Goal Becca Archer

April 12, 2010

Psychology of Politics

Prof. Amundsen (Psychology)

Prof. Hit. (Government)


Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes

-- And Why --

Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance

Summery and Reflection Essay
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