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Data Analytics

No description

Sama Al-Obaidy

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Data Analytics

Optional Items
Price Tabs
Operations System
6 proposed areas:
- Operations processes for each business have changed over the years
- Review and analysis needed to streamline operations functionality including bookings and OUT/VTM
Regions Affected: All
Current Estimate: TBA – analysis needed
- (1) item identified – no ticket or adequate SOR
- Recommendation would be to meet with businesses to review processes and gather requirements
IT/Maslow Update
Objectives - Jun 2011 BC
Brightspark USA and Canada
On version 2.0 with Integrated Portal
Many performance/stability problems rectified
limited data analytics, poor strategic reporting

On version 1.0, Stand alone portal
Gap analysis complete, plan to go to 2.0 in spring
Mid level data analytics and internal reporting

Work to be done (Summary)
New functionality and changes (incl Montreal gaps)
Data clean up, corrections, additions
New reports and changes
User interface changes
Data extraction and analysis tools/structure
Comprehensive system clean up

Top 10 list
Are we developing one system?
Each location has own database, with small differences. They could be brought together, though no need if we set up data warehousing.
They share same QDM, VTM and CRM code and presentation layer
There are different instances of GP accounting because of different base currencies. No way around this. So there are two sets of GP integration code as well.
Fixing System Issues
Items to Fix
Replace hardcoded logic
Rework & centralize calculation methodology
Same logic/data in several places
Poorly written/overly complex code
Using unsupported version of MS CRM
Manage code using TFS, remove flotsam and jetsam
New functionality and changes
Requirements List (A. B.)
P1 – 102 days of work, 0% with SOR
P2 – 275 days of work, 18% with SOR (1 ticket)
P3 – 160 days of work, 0% defined

Dev Tickets- (57)
25 in dev pipeline
10 with BA’s for specs
22 inadequate SOR

Montreal Gaps
Identified, no specs

Other (not defined)
Process improvements
New ideas
World Challenge?

Data, Programmed Reports and Interface
Data clean up and corrections
Remove old data (e.g. old data migrations)
Correct existing data (duplicates, incorrect defaults)
Auto-populate new data (e.g. accounts, opportunities)

Programmed reports
Customer facing

Change screens (e.g. hide fields)

Data extraction and analysis tools/structure
(All are cheaper than developing reports using code)
Advanced Finds
Created by end user
Limited reach

Dynamic Extract to Excel
IT write initial code
Highly skilled end-user
Dynamic data
Benefits and limits of Excel
Data Warehouse
High speed and data volume
Trend analysis
Integrate data sources
Presentation and reporting tools
Relatively Expensive
Lot of up front work

Increase business ability to customize policies & options
Reduce cost of maintenance and future changes
Accurate data & reporting
Improved system performance and reliability
Upgrade to CRM 2011 supported by MS
Fewer bugs, faster testing, easier rollbacks

Development needed for Optional Items
Prices Tab on Quote Entity has a few small items need to be fixed
Full review is needed
- Regions Affected: All
- Current Estimate: 25 man days
- Status:
(4) items have been identified
(1) ticket has been submitted and currently in development
Three other items have no tickets submitted or SORs
Some functionality exists, but more needed
Will address TO Insurance Options, Midwest RGP Allocation and Gaps for Montreal
- Regions Affected: All
- Current Estimate: 25 man days
- Status:
(3) Items have been identified
(1) ticket created with specification document attached (ticket will cover 2 items)
(1) item with no ticket or SOR
Recommendation would be to review with businesses to ensure all requirements are identified before development works begins
Group Set
All regions have requested changes to Group Set functionality to facilitate more efficient Operations
Would also help with Air Department Development (Item 4)
- Regions Affected: All
- Current Estimate: TBD – analysis needed
- Status:
(3) items have been identified
(1) ticket has been submitted without adequate SOR (ticket will cover all 3 items)
Recommendation would be to review with businesses to ensure all requirements are identified before development works begins
Air Department
- Full review and analysis is needed
Regions Affected: All – but higher priority for Midwest
Current Estimate: 75 man days
- 16 items identified
- (1) ticket submitted with inadequate SOR

Passenger Count
- Data is inconsistently defined and exists in many places
- Review of count purposes and accuracy is needed to streamline sales, operations and accounting processes
Regions Affected: All
Current Estimate: TBA – analysis needed
- No Items have been identified
- No Tickets or SORs created

Tour Director
- No region is fully utilizing the TD functionality
- Symposium scheduled for end of June for all regions to discuss processes and functionality
Regions Affected: All
Current Estimate: TBA – analysis needed
- 3 items identified
- 1 was deployed on June 13th and 1 is completed and will be discussed at TD symposium in late June
- 1 item has no ticket or SOR
Customer Facing Documents & Late Fee
- Midwest needs changes to their customer facing and portal account summary documents
- Late fee automation – work was deferred from last summer
Regions Affected: Primarily Midwest, but all could benefit from Late Fee Automation
Current Estimate: TBD – more analysis needed
- 8 items identified with more requirements forthcoming from Sales organization
- Five tickets submitted – some of which were formatting issue that were deferred until the rework of customer facing documents

Data Clean Up
Regions Affected: Midwest and Toronto
Current Estimate: TBD – more analysis needed
- (1) ticket created and currently being worked
- No other tickets or SORs submitted
Training Needs
- Each year each department in the businesses request training
Regions Affected: ALL
Current Estimate: TBD – more analysis needed
Status: Currently gathering training requirements from businesses

Detailed requirements definition
IT resources / other projects
Current state of system / code and versioning management
Communication / logistics / prioritization
What is Delaying Progress?
Type of work
New development > 2 days

Bugs and new dev <2 days

Changes to docs and reports

Data population and clean up
Capitalize with business case “Open” business case?
Business as usual, allocated expense
Expense to business(es) requesting changes
Expense to business(es) requesting change
Developer rate includes portion of BA/PM/App Dev Manager payroll costs
World Challenge?
“Easy to read, often single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical representation of the current status (snapshot) and historical trends of an organization’s key performance indicators to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance." [Wikipedia]
Define broad analysis and reporting objectives

“What do I want to understand that will drive improved performance?“

Understand what data you need to get insight for #1

Compile, normalize and learn from this data

Hone to create metrics to report on
1. Simple:
integrated Excel ‘Powerpivots’ with standard analytic functions
other software with ‘souped-up’ interfaces, leveraging Excel

2. More complex:
sophisticated databases designed for data analytic needs, with customized reports and interfaces
Business Analytics, BI & Dashboards Tools

Progress to Date
Objectives - Jun 2013
A. Functionality
B. Process / Business Logic
System Structure
High Level Maslow System Structure
Consolidate education business's multiple technology platforms into a customized MS reservation system.
Best in class system (?)
Improve processes
Additional functionality
Accurate, relavant, timely data
Reliable system, easily maintained, quick response
Flexible, brand independence
Supports Portal. Websites, DW
Data warehousing
Gives business a lot of independence
Greatly enhance speed and accuracy of analytics and reporting
6 to 8 months lead time
Use other TUI resources
We will likely lose key internal resource within 8 months
Treatment / Funding
World Challenge
Thank you!
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