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how to turn on xbox 360

No description

Steven Fraser

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of how to turn on xbox 360

How to turn on Xbox 360
step 1;
turn on tv, this you should know but in case, the button to turn on the tv is usualy at the front of the remote ( thing with many buttons) or on one side of the tv with the word power below it.

X box 360
plugs that come with xbox360
xbox 360 controller
This is the power button on some different remotes
step 2:

Plug in all xbox 360 cords in the right places. Hint: if the cord doesn’t fit try another place and all plug ins are on the back of the xbox 360.

These are the different types of plug ins or where the cord plugs in. the names don’t matter because as you can see there aren’t to many possibilities for each plug to in to.
step 3:
Press big button near the center of the front of the xbox 360. The xbox should also turn on green, make sure you press down hard enough or it won’t turn on. The xbox will probably make a click but that how you know it is right. Finaly the tv should make a on sound and have a big green x. if this is not turning up, the cables may be lose or you didn’t press the button hard enough.
This is what the big x button should look like when it is turned on
step 4 wire controller:
Now you are ready to turn on your controller. There should be a big x in the middle of the controller or a wire on the end of it. If there is a wire you must plug in the wire to the xbox in 1 of the two inserts covered by a black flap.
Then push the big x on the center of the controller. Hurray you’ve done it but now for your friend without a wire.
Push down on the small button next to the trigger on your controller (trigger is the buttons on top that look like rectangles).
Now when you hold those 2 buttons down you must hold down the button next to where your friend plugged in his controller. Keep trying this till your controllers has a glowing big x in the center. Hurray now you can put in your game and play.

step 4 wireless controller:
This is where to connect your controller with a wireless controller. Next to it is where you plug in the wire to your wire controller
These arrows point to the power button( big x) and the tiny power button on top. you must push both these down along with the power button to the xbox to connect your controller.
step 5:
Take out insert disk and place in disk. There should be a button on the right of where it says xbox 360 to open the disk tray. It will make a click once it is pushed and then it should open. If not there is something wrong and call the operator. (check the plugs again also) once the tray is open put the disk in with the advertising picture showing up.
this shows a right side up disk. You should see this side when the game is in the game tray.
This xbox show where the disk is inserted (tray), and the only 2 ways to open the tray.
This is the side of the tray. This is also where the button to open the xbox may be.
this is where the tray is which is where the game goes.
help and info:

If you need any more help please visit one of our websites or call use at our stores like gamestop, or sears.

5 steps to turn on an Xbox 360
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