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The Help: Coming Of Age

No description

Grace Arterburn

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of The Help: Coming Of Age

" Be nice to the little colored girls when you're down there," Mother said to me one time and I remember looking at her funny, saying, " Why wouldn't I be?" But Mother never explained." ( Page 72 )
" All my life I'd been told what to believe about politics, coloreds, being a girl. But with Constantine's thumb pressed in my hand, I realized I actually had a choice about what to believe. " ( Page 74 )
" Maybe we ought to just build you a bathroom outside, Hilly. " ( Page 10 )
The Help: Coming Of Age
Skeeter doesn't quite understand
her mother telling her to be nice to
the colored girls, because she sees
past their skin color.
" But I use to stare at the toothy
smile of that child in the picture, a little jealous, wondering why she didn't have a picture of me up too. " ( Page 72 )
The help raise the children of the people that they work for like they were their own.
" Mama," I say, just wanting to end this conversation, " Would it really be so terrible if I never met a husband? " ( Page 66 )
All of Skeeter's friends left college early to get married and have kids at a young age- the only purpose at life, apparently.
Skeeter is disapproving of Hilly's Home Help Sanitation Initiative.
" But I know I'll have to rewrite everything (Aibileen's) written, wasting even more time." ( Page 174 )
She unwittingly has the false stereotype/mind-set that all black women are uneducated, later learning Aibileen is, in fact, educated.
" Minny had that big bruise on her arm cause that's what Leroy do when he come home from work. " ( Page 215 )
Interviewing for her book, Skeeter, not knowing when to stop, tries to pry into Minny's home life, almost causing Minny to drop out from the project.
The lessons she learns from Constantine gives her the courage to challenge of injustice she sees in her community.
" But then I realize, like a shell cracking open in my head, there's no difference between these government laws and Hilly building Aibileen a bathroom in the garage, except ten minutes' worth of signatures in the state capital. " ( Page 203 )
" No. I couldn't. That would be.. crossing the line. " ( Page 104 )
She feels she's being judged for listening to the help, soon deciding to be the one who judges her for what's right and what's wrong.
The laws Skeeter read about is likely to have began as bills from people like Hilly. She's becoming a better judge in the world that she lives in.
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