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Wine on the Desert

No description

melissa zapotoczny

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Wine on the Desert

Wine on the Desert
By: Adriana, Alexa, Alicja, Maegan & Melissa
Most of the story takes place at Tony's house in the apache desert. The specific desert in which it takes place is not significant, the only thing of significance is the part that it took place in the desert. You need to know that it's taking place in the desert for the rest of the story and the plot to make sense.
The theme of this story is if you want to run from the law you have to face all the consequences. Durante shot the canteen of water so the sheriff couldn't have water but he expected to trust his friend to fill his canteen with water only to find out its wine, which is worst than water when you are thirsty and in a hot dessert.

Towards the beginning of the story they talked about how Tony's dad died of dehydration, then at the end of the story Duranted died of dehydration. It's like they were setting it up for you to know about dehydration.
- A murderer on the run from the Sheriff.
- Lives in a house in the desert and is surrounded by a vineyard.
- Has a wooden leg
Represents life and survival in the desert.
Represents Karma
Represents a hideout
He talks about his dad dying in the desert only to have him do the same thing.
He trusts Tony to fill his canteen with water because he is running from the law in the desert but tony fills it with wine even though he destroyed one other canteen so the law couldn't survive the desert either.
Throughout the short story there are many examples of imagery; Tony talks about his dad taking off his clothes because he was hallucinating and dying in the desert due to dehydration.
Man vs. Man: Throughout this short story, we find out that Durante is running away from the sheriff. At the rising point of the story, Durante decided to shoot Tony's water tank because once the Sheriff and his posse follows his trail, they'll go to Tony's house to findwater, but won't find any.
Man vs. Self: Durante, who struggled to do good instead of evil in this short story. Throughout the story, the decisions he made were poor. First, he decided to run away from the sheriff. Secondly, he shot Tony's water tank only for his selfish reasons.
1) Durante was running away from the Sheriff
2) Went to Tony's house to get water
3) Durante shot the water tank, so the Sheriff won't find water
4) Durante told Tony to fill up his canteen with water
5) When Durante left Tony's house, he discovered that Tony filled up his canteen with wine instead of water.
6) Durante died from thirst
Man vs. Nature: Durante dies in the desert due to dehydration.
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