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Tucker Bergantino

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Prezi

Vertabrate Prezi Vertabrate? Ocelot Topic 1 Habitat The Ocelot lives in ... ...most of northern
South America... ...and southern Mexico. Savanas, brushlands,... ...and humid forests. Where does the
ocelot habitat? Whats the prefered prey of the ocelot? The ocelot's prey is rabits... ...rodents, fish, frogs... ...and sometimes iguanas. Environment? Topic 2 Form and Function How does the teeth
of the ocelot help it? There front fangs give
the ocelot a killer bite....
...and their back teeth are able to shred flesh from bone. How does there body
shape help the ocelot? The thin ovalist shape
gives the ocelot... ...great speed and flexibility... ...great for catching prey
or climbing trees. How does its eyes/ears help the ocelot? The ocelot like most feline... ...have eyes that store sunlight to see in the dark... ...for hunting at night. Topic 3 Human Impact Human impact Is the ocelot
hunted or poach? The ocelot has been... ...hunted to its
endangered status. Is the ocelot affected
by deforestation? Yes, deforestation
has... ...pushed the ocelot
out of its habitat.
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