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james platon

on 7 December 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of ENTERING AND CONTRACTING


When does planned
change process begin?

one or more key managers or administrators somehow sense that their organization, department, or group could be improved
Organization problems
that could be alleviated
through organization development
Poor product quality
high rates of absenteeism
dysfunctional conflicts
among departments.
Entering & Contracting
are the initial steps in OD process

To be more innovative
To be more competitive
To be more effective
It involves:
Defining the organization's...
Problems and Opportunities
Establishing a collaborative relationship between the OD practitioner and members of the client system about how to work on those issues
Entering and contracting set the initial parameters for carrying out the subsequent phases of OD: diagnosing the organization, planning and implementing changes, and evaluating and institutionalizing them
Define what issues will be addressed
What activities which will carry them out
How they will be accomplished
The Entering Process
1. Clarifying the Organizational Issue
A. Presenting Problem
B. Symptoms
When seeking help from OD practitioners, organizations typically start with a presenting problem
Specific-decreased market share, increased absenteeism
general - "we’re growing too fast,” or
“we need to prepare for rapid changes”
The issue facing the organization or department must be clarified early in the OD process so that subsequent diagnostic and intervention activities are focused correctly
How to get a clearer perspective on the organizational issue/s?
Collecting preliminary data
examine company records and interview a few key members to gain an introductory understanding of the organization
Presenting a problem may be a symptom of an underlying problem
Conflict among employees
team building?
Conflict among members of a team may result from several deeper causes
ineffective reward systems, personality differences, inappropriate structure, and poor leadership.
2. Determining the Relevant Client
-Working power and authority
-Multiple clients -- multiple contracts
define who are the team members involved in addressing the organizational issue
define who are the team members involved in addressing the organizational issue.
who can directly impact the change issue
to improve the productivity of a unionized manufacturing plant
nclude union official as well as managers and staff personnel
if a manager asked for help improving the decision-making process of his or her team
the manager and team members would be the part of the OD process
when the organizational issue cannot readily be addressed in a single unit
it may be necessary to include members from multiple units, from different hierarchical levels, and even from outside of the organization
3. Selecting an OD Practitioner:
Expertise and experience
Developing a Contract:
Elements of an Effective Proposal

1. Goals of Proposed Effort
-Descriptive, clear, and concise goals to be achieved
2. Recommended Action Plan
Description of:
1) diagnosis
2) data analysis process
3) feedback process
4) action-planning process
3.Specification of Responsibilities
What will various leaders, including the OD practitioner, be held accountable for?
4. Strategy for Achieving the Desired State
Provide change strategies, including education/training, political influence, structural interventions, and confrontation of resistance.
5. Fees, terms, and conditions
Outline fees and expenses associated with the project
Mutual expectations are clear
-Outcomes and deliverables
-Publishing cases and results
-Involvement of stakeholders
Time and Resources
-Access to client, managers, members
-Access to information
Ground Rules
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