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Photovoltaic cells


chandler barnette

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Photovoltaic cells

Photovoltaic Cells also known as Solar Cells Photovoltaic cells or solar cells
produce electrical energy off the given
solar radiation.
Solar cells work like semiconductors(silicon). They are attached by wire and circuit. When light hits the cell the light is then converted to electrical energy.When there is no light, there is no energy. Solar cells help create pollution free energy. Humans, during the day,can get the highest amount of renewable source energy.With people using solar panels, there is always the chance of saving money from wasted electricity. Humans were looking for an alternative source of energy to help make use of what we have. there are many renewable sources of energy and solar cells are just one of them. While energy is good during times when there are light, there is absolutley no energy without light. Solar panels also cost alot of money to install.(Inuyasha dissapproves) The equation must be balanced other wise the solar panel will not recieve the radiation it needs to create energy. The equation is not balanced during cloudy weather or night time. There is no actual chemical equation for PV cells.The procedure for the cells to create electricity is so simple it does not need a chemical equation.
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