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Becoming an Architect Geelong Grammar School Careers Day 2012

Rich Austin

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Architect

1998-2002 Geelong Grammar School / VCE

2003 Gap Year
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Ontario, Canada
Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Traveling: Western Europe

2004-2009 Deakin University
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Construction Management
Light-Weight Rowing, Corio Bay Rowing Club & Mercantile Rowing Club
Traveling: South America, Australia, South-East Asia, Europe

2006-2009 Work Experience
Meldrum Partners Architecture
McIntyre & Cross Architects

Hede Architects, Project Architect
Power Investments, Office Fit-out
Taussig Cherie Fildes Lawyers, Office Fit-out
Alamanda Sports Pavilion
Innisfail Sports Pavilion
St. Kilda House Addition
Former Masonic Lodge, Heritage Building, Refurbishment
St. Thomas' Church, Burwood
Edithvale Sports Pavilion
Westbourne Grammar School, Early Learning Centre
Edithvale Family & Children's Centre

2011 Architects Registration Board Victoria (ARBV)
Architectural Practice Examination - Registered Architect

Private Commissions:
North Melbourne Apartment Fit-out
Goorambat Long House
Acoustic Cubes
Beaumaris House
Spatial propositions - Scale

Experience / Phenomenon
In real time & at once
Space, light, material, time


Materials / Technology / Science

Analysing & understanding precedent
Advancing precedent
Language of Architecture
Architecture can be described as a creative art, however it goes beyond, it is a functional art

It solves practical problems, gives shelter, provides space for living at all scales - from a bench to city

It is contingent subject to many influences beyond those of the architect & their client alone

It is judged and criticized by more than just appearance
The Discipline of Architecture
that I think about and would like to share:

Language of architecture
Discipline of architecture
Role of the architect - What do we actually do?
Practice of architecture
some ideas
The Architect - Today:
Reads / develops the brief, interprets needs, develops ideas;

Drives a design, explores options, produces and develops a proposal;

Assembles, and coordinates the efforts of a multidisciplinary team;

Ties it all together to deliver on any type of
project at any scale and on any budget
Characteristics of Architects
- ability to act in the world and deliver on projects at many different scales and of many different budgets

Conceptual agility
- ability to author strategic processes for imagining, developing, and delivering

- put together and lead teams of engineers, artists, technicians, even other architects

- to foresee, plan for, and respond to the many contingencies impacting on a project
making architecture

typical tools and methods

drawing the traditional way on both computers and by hand
physical models
digital models
BIM (Building Information Modelling)
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