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Human Body Cells

No description

Marlina Ros

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Human Body Cells

By: Matt Weatherford
& Marlina Ros Human Body Cells The Red Blood Cell The Nerve Cell THE SPERM CELL What is its scientific name?

Erythrocytes transports oxygen in the blood What is its function? This shape gives the red cell a maximum surface area,
facilitating the transfer of gases into and out of the cell. How does its shape
help it do its job? It's round shape helps it get less clotted up and helps it travel easier. How is its round shape helpful? Protein composed of four globular subunits, each bound to a single molecule of heme; the protein found in red blood cells that gives them the ability to transport oxygen in the blood. What is the role
of hemoglobin? They lack a cell nucleus and most organelles
to accommodate maximum space for hemoglobin Where are its nuclei
and organelles? Where are red blood cells made? blood disorder, result from single changes in the amino acid sequences of complex proteins. Describe the disease Sickle cell anemia. Neurons What is its scientific name? The function is to perform all of the communication, information processing, and control functions of the nervous system. What is its function? Neurons connect to each other to form neural networks by their multiple branches. How does its shape assist
with its function? It transmit messages by chemical and electrical signaling. How does it transmit messages? It's a layer surrounding the nerve cell.
In humans, the production of myelin begins in the fourteenth week of fetal development. How does the myelin sheath
assist the nerve cell? How well are nerve
cells regenerated? Sensory nerve cells: receive information from sensory receptors monitoring the external and internal environments and then relay the information to other neurons in the spinal cord or brain.

Motor nerve cells: carry instructions from the CNS to other tissues, organs, or organ systems.

Interneurons: aka association neurons, are located entirely within the brain and the spinal cord. Distinguish between sensory nerve cells,
motor nerve cells, & interneurons. They can regenerate, but they regenerate slowly. The scientific name for the sperm cell is
spermatozoon. What is its scientific name? The sperm cell's function is to reproduce. What is its function? The tail helps with its movement. How does its tail assist
with its function? They enable the sperm to break through the cell
membrane of the egg in order to fertilize it. What is the purpose of the enzymes
at the head portion of the sperm
cell? The midpiece is the mitochondrial spiral.
The mitochondria appears in a large number. In the midpiece, what
organelle appears in a large number? It provides the cell to keep going. Why? They are made in the testes. Where are they made? The scientific name for the white blood cell is leukocyte. What is its scientific name? White Blood Cells Its function is to defend your body against
infectious diseases and foreign materials. What is its function? White blood cells have different shapes. Each shape
represents a different function. How does its shape help it do its job? Lysosomes are the highest amount of an organelle in the White Blood Cells. Lysosome has digestive enzymes that can digest foreign cells that enter the body. What organelles are in high amount
in WBC's & why? Muscle Cell Its scientific name is myocyte. What is its scientific name? It attaches to the bone to make movement possible. What is its function? It helps it do well for contraction How does its shape help
it do its job? Skeletal muscle cell- voluntary, affects locomotion
Cardiac muscle cell- involuntary, found in the heart, similar to the skeletal muscle
Smooth muscle cell- involuntary, found within the walls of organs Distinguish between the 3
main types of muscle cells. skeletal striated muscle- voluntary
smooth muscle cell- involuntary Which of these 3 types in voluntary?
Which is involuntary? Blood makes up around 7% of the weight of a human body. Did you know?
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