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Harry Potter and the Greatest Fandom Ever

Harry Potter is Awesome. That is all.

Woong Jun Park

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Harry Potter and the Greatest Fandom Ever

Harry Potter Fandom...
The Average Life of a Not so Average Fan Woong Jun Park
Professor Tanski
English 1101
Georgia Institute of Technology Life as a PotterHead
What is a Harry Potter Fandom?
Pottermore Outline Matured and deepened my love for books
Grew up with the characters
PotterHead since 2001
Important themes learned What exactly is the Harry Potter Fandom about? Just like any other Fandom... you need to dive deep into the community to fully understand what is actually going on To a complete stranger, PotterHeads will be seen as overly obsessive, bizarre, outrageous lunatics who carry around a stick and a broom pretending to casts spells at any given moment FanFiction Canon [AU]
Crossovers FanArt Memes
Original Artwork FanBlogs FanVids Creating commentary
Debates and arguments
Rants and Raves
Discussion Boards
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