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STOP Abuse against Nurses

No description

Steven Dampier

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of STOP Abuse against Nurses

Over 90% of nurses experience violence or verbal abuse
Abuse against nurses has got so bad recently “Many nurses said they felt that workplace violence was just part of the job”
What you dont know...
Nurses work long hour shifts everyday, even over christmas holidays so they dont get much time to spend with their families, for you.
So how can we stop this?
Be greatful for their work.
Treat them with respect as we are losing more and more nurses due to this and eventually there will be no one left to do the job to keep you SAFE.

If you dont behave in a correct manor, you WILL face the consequences and will be refused.
However, we know its not.
Do you think its right that you turn up to a work place and be verbally and physically abused?

No. Nurses are there to help you, they work hard and give up their time to do what they love to help keep you well and safe.

Stop Abuse against Nurses
by Charley&Ria
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