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No description

Emily Loboda

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Ragtime

And the path to jazz
Ragtime- "ragged time"
March Form: AABBCCDD...
Piano trying to imitate a marching band
Left hand steady two beat rhythm
Right had contrasting rhythms that contradict duple meter
Scott Joplin
Ragtime originally a translation of improvised piano technique
Composers began writing their own
"Maple Leaf Rag" Royalties
New Generation moving towards jazz

Recordings rather than written notation to represent their music
Wilbur Sweatman
Originally Ragtime composer
"Down Home Rag"
Recorded 1913 by James Reese Europe's Society Orchestra (as written)
Recorded by Sweatman 1916, hinted at bluesy improv
Sweatman's recording is crucial evidence for the transition between ragtime and jazz
Journal 4
Listen to the two videos of Fats Waller
Which one is ragtime? Which one is transitioning to jazz? What are the big differences? 4-5 Sentences
Group work: What makes these different????
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