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Building High-Available Web Applications on AWS

No description

Assaf Kamil

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Building High-Available Web Applications on AWS

Consulting Services: Building High-Available Web Applications
on AWS Who Are We? What is High Availability (HA) all about? How To Achieve HA Design for Failure Sample Web App -
My Funniest Tube Requirements Lecturing on Cloud & Software
Development Migration to the Cloud Reducing Cloud Costs High Availability &
Disaster Recovery Software Development Services Everything Fails Always On All-Time-Failure We expect it to be on whenever we need it We are frustrated when it does
not respond We do not tolerate malfunctions and act to replace it immediately The Light Bulb Syndrome "Everything Fails All the Time" Why is AWS
good for HA? The Widest Variety of Cloud Services Global Infrastructure IaaS & PaaS It's a Matter of Size AWS offers a wide range of services
From processing instances to full managed
databases "Every day Amazon Web Services adds enough new capacity to support all of Amazon.com’s global infrastructure through the company’s first 5 years, when it was a $2.76 billion annual revenue enterprise" - James Hamilton (AWS) 2011 EU
Ireland US East US West
Oregon US West
California São Paulo Asia Pacific
Sydney Asia Pacific
Tokyo Asia Pacific
Singapore AWS HA Deployment User uploads Video Input Output Process Video
Encoded Checked
for Funny
stuff Checked
for Compliance
(Manual) Funny
Video? Store it
Show it Not Right? Throw it
Send Email 5 Availability
Zones 3 Availability
Zones 3 Availability
Zones 3 Availability
Zones 3 Availability
Zones 2 Availability
Zones 2 Availability
Zones 2 Availability
Zones PaaS IaaS EMR (AWS) DynamoDB (AWS) ElastiCache (AWS) RDS (AWS) SimpleDB (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk (AWS) EC2 (AWS) Processing Different Instance Types Images and Marketplace Built-in Performance & Monitoring Auto Scaling Reserved Instances Reduced Price Instances Spot Instances Storage & Database Big Data
Services SaaS & Managed Services Amazon Map
Reduced (EMR) Amazon S3 EBS Glacier CloudFront DynamoDB RDS Redshift SimpleDB ElastiCache CloudSearch SES SNS SQS Elastic
Transcoder SWF Deployment Elastic Beanstalk Data Pipeline CloudFormation OpsWorks Loose Coupling Queue Based Architecture Coupled Easily breaks Not Scalable Reduced Coupling Queue Queue Queue Async
Client-Server Queue No Single Point of Failure Continuous Change Integration & Development Testing Automatic Testing Load Testing (bees-with-machine-guns project) A/B Testing Development Continuous Build Unit Test Packaging &
Deployment Elasticity Monitor & Learn
your System Scale Define Levels of Auto Scale Look for scale patterns Better to warm-up than Auto Scale Managed Services CloudFirst Reduces Timeouts Frees Resources Harder to Implement Request Token Response (Push\Pull) Store session data in cache Reduce load from DB by combining other datastores Use Internal Service interfaces to hide DB
& specific resources Think Parallel HA is hard. But it is what your Business is all about http://www.wisemansoftware.com Werner Vogels - Amazon CTO Java, PHP, Python, .NET, C++, Flex and more...
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