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the three docs

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of the three docs

The doctor removed my sock and my sneaker both sticky with blood. Pick one character from the book and pick a trait George he was brave by walking away from a guy that has a gun. Describe a theme from the book that the author wants you to know That you can over come anything with team work!!! Why i liked the book It was a funny book with real life decisions in life that can mean life , death , success or failure that they could over come a lot of things together I learned 5 new words. jack: steal somthing stethoscope : a doctors medical instrument , rational : under control , honest : that you mean what you say
and collage: a chance to get a good job and a great life the three doctors describe a scene from the book so i can visualize it NEVER GIVE UP LIVE UP TO YOUR GOALS AND SUCCEED i miss my dad he was nice at times and ki
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