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Sikh Architecture

Co-edited with Jamie Stewart

Rory MacLellan

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Sikh Architecture

Gurdwara Style
Gurdwaras Worldwide
Sikh Architecture
The Golden Temple is regarded as the most sacred place of worship for the Sikhs.

The construction of the Golden Temple started in 1604.

The largest langar of all Gurudwaras is organized everyday at the Golden Temple where around 35,000 people a day are fed for free by temple volunteers.
The first Gurdwara in the world was built by Guru Nanak in 1521-2 at Kartarpur. There are about 200 Gurdwaras in Britain.
The literal meaning of the Punjabi word Gurdwara is 'the residence of the Guru', or 'the door that leads to the Guru'.
The Golden Temple
Amritsar, "Pool Of Nectar"
The Harimandi (Golden Temple) is surrounded by this pool
Guru Ram Das Extended the already existing natural pool so Sikhs could bathe there.
All the diners have to sit on the floor, irrespective of caste, status, wealth or creed, symbolizing the central Sikh doctrine of the equality of all people.
Inside the Temple
The Gurdwara is a beautiful item in Sikh architecture
It is one of the most recognizable religous buildings
By Rory & Jamie
A Gurdwara is typically styled to look like a palace, fortress or samadh
A modern Gurdwara integrates old and new styles with glass fronts as shown.
Modern Gurdwara
In this modern Gurdwara in Dubai there are terraced platforms made of Italian sandstone. The arched windows create a tall, elegant effect and in this night snapshot, it certainly looks warm and welcoming
Thanks for Listening!
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