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Causes and effects of unequal distribution of water in th

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nick cannon

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Causes and effects of unequal distribution of water in th

Impact on irrigation
Impact on drinking water
Water has always been scarce in the Arab world, but growing populations place ever-increasing demands on the limited resources. Competing claims over water rights can lead to disputes between countries or between consumers.
The situation in the Middle East has rarely been as fluid as today, the events seldom as fascinating to watch, as well as challenging to comprehend with the barrage of news reports we receive from the region every day.

Since early 2011, heads of state of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have been driven to exile, put behind bars, or lynched by a mob. Yemeni leader was forced to step aside, while the Syrian regime is fighting a desperate battle for bare survival. Other autocrats dread what the future might bring and, of course, foreign powers are closely watching the events.

Who’s in power in the Middle East, what kind of political systems are emerging, and what are the latest developments?
The Arab Spring’s impact on the Middle East has been profound, even if in many places its final outcome might not become clear for at least a generation. Protests that spread across the region in early 2011 started a long-term process of political and social transformation, marked in the initial stages primarily by political turbulence, economic difficulties, and even conflict.

Areas most impacted
Causes and effects of unequal distribution of water in the Middle East
By: Christopher Carr

This represent the scarce of water
This represents the impact of irrigation.
These are the areas that were impacted in the Middle East.
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