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Carlos Navarro, Joseph Perez, Patrick Sacks

No description

lib hist

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Carlos Navarro, Joseph Perez, Patrick Sacks

DesMond T. Doss
DesMond T. Doss Served as a combat Medic in World War Two. Doss was awarded the Medal Of Honor for his bravery. He carried his fellow injured soldiers to 100 to 200 yards without stopping.
All saved lives
They all showed valor in some sort of way
Sloat and Davis both served in Vietnam
All Born in The U.S.A
They were all wounded
Sloat never actually recieved his medal
Sloat died in action and was the youngest out of Davis and Doss
Doss served in WW2
Doss was a combat medic
Sammy got the sliver star
Sammy was in a artillery unit
Donald P. Sloat
Donald sloat was only a college student when he applied to the military on March 19, 1969. I believe that what he did to deserve his medal is unbelievable he took a grenade to shield his comrads, sacrificing his life for the lives of others and thats why i believe he is the best medal of honor recipient.
Sammy Lee Davis
Sammy Lee Davis is a medal of honor recepient. Sammy was born November 1st,1946. He got awarded the medal of honor for his very high accomplishments. Even when Sammy was severely injured, he still manage to save three peoples lives. He filled an air matress and crossed the rushing river to save all three of his injured collegues.
Medal of Honor Recipients
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