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JC Act 5 scene 1

No description

Phoenix Tran

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of JC Act 5 scene 1

By: Austin, Jin Wook, Phoenix, Riku Julius Caesar Act 5 Scene 1 Characters Octavius: He is the step brother of Caesar.
Mark Antony: The is a loyal servant of Caesar and that he really admired him.
Brutus: He is a friend of Caesar and that he was part of the conspiracy against Caesar.
Cassius: A wise man and was part of the Conspirators.
Lucilius: is a friend of Brutus and Cassius who impersonates Brutus on the battlefield
Messala: A general a devoted friend of Cassius who participates in the battle at Philippi. Key Facts Protagonists: Brutus and Cassius
Antagonists: Atony and Octavius hi
Setting (time): 44 B.C.
Setting (place): Ancient Rome
Tense: Present
Motifs: Omens and portents Events Antony and Octavius go to the battlefield of Philipi
Brutus and Cassius enters
Octavius tries to kill Brutus and Cassius
Cassius tells Messela about his bad omens
Cassius tells Brutus to see him later if he lives after the battle Quotes "Caesar, thou canst not die by traitors' hands,Unless thou bring'st them with thee."-Brutus.
"O, if thou wert the noblest of thy strain,Young man, thou couldst not die more honourable."-Brutus. Ms. Garbarini & Ms. Layana
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