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Buford Academy Media Center Orientation

No description

Brittany Barnes

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Buford Academy Media Center Orientation

Love your books!
Mrs. Barnes- Media Specialist

Mrs. Martin- Media Clerk

Mrs. Sitton- Media Clerk
Media Center Staff
The Media Center is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
The School Store is located in the Media Center and is open daily from 7:30-8:30 a.m. The prices of the School Store range from $.25-$2.00.
2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders may check out two books. 5th graders may check out three books. During May, everyone is only allowed to check out one book
Media Center Orientation
How to line up to check out your book...
Once you find your book in the media center, line up on the
We are looking for quiet students in a straight line that look like this...

NOT this!
Morning Reading Club
Do you like to read? Is there a book
you just have to tell us about? Then join
us, starting Monday, August 8th, for
READING CLUB in the media center at
7:30 a.m.!
Who is responsible for the library books?
Students, once you check out a book, it is your responsibility. We do not charge fines for overdue books. However, if the book returns in bad condition, you are responsible to pay the fines. Starting May 1st, if you do not pay your fines or bring back your overdue books, you cannot check out any more books. You might even miss field day! Please do not lend your book to a friend. Be very careful with your library books.
Please take good care of your books!
Don't let your books get damaged.
Return your books in good condition.
Please do not "dog ear" your books! Use a bookmark! We will try to give you a bookmark every time you visit the media center!
Sometimes, you will take a book from the shelf that you decide you do not want. That is okay! Please make sure you keep the shelves straight and tidy. Use your shelf markers to make sure the book goes back it the correct place!
Always have a positive attitude!
Use your manners!
Visiting the Media Center

Or by yourself...
If you come to the media center by yourself...

You must have a pass from your teacher. (No more than 4 students from each class, please.)
Bring your media/technology notebook.
Follow the rules of the media center.
Use your inside voice.
Read and have fun!
You can visit the media center with your class...
Entering the Media Center
When you enter the Media Center, return your books to the black flat carts. This should be your first stop when you come to visit us!
Don't forget your notebook when you come visit us in the Media Center!
After you drop off your old books on the black carts, pick up a shelf marker... You will use this to keep the book's place on the shelf while you look at it.
Looking for your book...
While you're looking at the book, the shelf marker stays in its spot. If you don't want the book, you put it back exactly where the shelf marker is placed.
What do the colors in the Media Center mean?
Based on your Lexile reading level, the books in the Media Center are color coded.
In our Media Center, the books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal System.
On your Media/Technology Notebook, you will see popular Dewey Decimal System Categories and their call number. Use this as a reference when you're looking for a
*This year, the computers in the Media Center will only be used for taking SRC quizzes during Morning Reading Club.*
If a book has a
silver star
on its spine above the call numbers, that means it has a quiz on Scholastic Reading Counts.
If a book has a red
inside the front cover, that means it does not have a quiz on Scholastic Reading Counts.
*If a book does not have a silver star or a red X, ask the media staff to look up the book for you.
How can you tell if a book is FICTION or NONFICTION?
Books that are FICTION have FIC on their spine.
The three letters under FIC are the first three letters in the author's last name.
For example, the Big Nate books are written by Lincoln Peirce, so their call number is FIC PEI.
How can you tell if a book is FICTION or NONFICTION?
Books that are NONFICTION have numbers on their spine. The numbers correlate to a specific Dewey Decimal category. The three letters under the numbers are the first three letters in the author's last name.
There is only one exception. In the 921s (biography section) the three letters are the first three letters of the person the book is written about. For example, if there is a book about Abraham Lincoln, that call number would be 921 LIN.
Lexile Level
Lexile Level
Dewey Decimal
Call Numbers
Call Numbers
You can tell this book is NONFICTION because it has numbers on the spine.
You can tell this book is FICTION because it has FIC on the spine.
What do all of these numbers mean?
Your reading level.
Your reading level.
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