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Hatshepsut's Deir El-Bahari Temple

No description

Marion Madanguit

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Hatshepsut's Deir El-Bahari Temple

Deir El-Bahari
Temple Complex by Marion Madanguit An Introduction Djeser-Djeseru Incorporation of a
Childhood The Building
of Djeser-Djeseru The Past Washed Away
Within the Present Praise for Hatshepsut'sDeir El-Bahari Temple Complex Scenes from her life decorated the walls of north portico of temple's second level "Most beautiful temple standing on west bank of Nile River" Any Questions? The End Terraces were fronted by colonnades of square pillars protecting her expedition to Punt & birth of Hatshepsut Nephew waited furiously to take her place When Hatshepsut died, he was able to take over leading a successful 30-year reign Most of Hatshepsut's things were purposely destroyed, monuments were destroyed, her name left off The Making of a Queen 15th Dynasty Problem: Kings died young or their sons before them Fourth King Dyanasty: Tuthmosis II chose cheif queen Hatshepsut to take matters into her own hands Tuthmothsis II died when her only boy Orack of Gods: Anrun crowned Hatshpesut as a king holy of holies |hole-ov-holez| holy of holies
noun 1. a place of special sacredness. 2. the innermost chamber of the Biblical tabernacle and the Temple in Jerusalem, in which the ark of the covenant was kept. 3. Queen Hatshepsut of the 18th Dynasty's mortuary temple built beneath the cliffs of Deir El- Bahari on the west bank of the Nile near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt; dedicated to Amon-Ra & right next the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II serving as an inspiration Made out of limestone 3 Terraces lead up to corner in the cliffs where shrines cut into rock Ramps leaf terrace to terrace Highest level has a large court with colonnades Considered one of the world's most magnificent structures list of kings, where her name appeared, had been scraped off and replaced with a After the birth, Hatshepsut's mother stayed in seclusion for 2 weeks performing purification rituals then she would show Hatshepsut to the public Chosen because: cool-looking & pale at dawn, cliff face glowed golden red sunset giving a dramatic flair Sits at the base of the cliffs like a white jewel in a giant pink shell Row of sphinxes relative, Tuthmosis, was too young, so Hatshepsut took over as regent Build by Semnut similar name
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