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Public Health in France

No description

Kendra Davis

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Public Health in France

France's Future Challenges:
Increasing Smoking Population
Increasing obesity population
Pollution from cigarette buds...30 billion in Paris
Young population with unhealthy habits
Why Health?
Are the French healthier?
How are the French healthier?
What can Americans learn from the French
Do they really live the longest?
Also, What's up with "Fumer Tue" and "Pour Votre Santé, pratique une activité physique régulière?"
What is France's Budget?
"...of the €10.5 billion allocated for prevention in France in 2002, accounting for 6.4% of current health expenditure*, half was earmarked for disease prevention, one-quarter for screening and testing, and one quarter to cover risk factors." (/www.ambafrance-uk.org/)
Every 5 years France reassess their Public Health plan based off research and findings from The High Council for Public Health or current WHO studies.
Between 2004-2008 France's top priorities were:
1. Cancer
2. Health and the Environment
3. Rare Diseases (Including Alzheimer's Plan)
4. Violence, abuse, risk behavior and addictive behavior
5. Chronic illnesses and the quality of life
Obesity and Nutrition
France has the lowest BMI average in Europe, but the percentage of obesity in France is rising.
Programme National Nutrition Santé has created several educational tools.
1 in 10 adults are obese in France.
A higher percent of children are obese than adults.
The main contributor to the increase in obesity is processed foods, soft drinks and fast-food.
French Government involvement
The French government feel that it is their personal duty to educate and help people with current health epidemics.
2005 a Tax of Soft drinks was implemented and the proceeds go to financing health and social expenditures.
2007 all processed, sweeten and salted food and drink advertisements have to put a health message on their ad or pay a 1.5% fine for the cost of the ad. This is to help guide adults in children when making eating decisions.
Statistics (2012):
14% of Youth smoke daily and 20% smoke in general.

29% of adults smoke daily and 33% smoke in general.
How does the US compare to France?
By: Kendra Davis
Public Health in France
1.Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
5. Accidents
1.Coronary Heart Disease
4.Lung Cancer
5.Colon-Rectum Cancers
The Advertisers choices:
1. For your health, eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day.
2. For your health, undertake regular physical activity.
3. For your health, avoid eating too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt.
4. For your health, avoid snacking between meals.
There is an "anti-tabac" campaign that started last October geared at youth ages 14-18 to not try smoking or stop smoking
Other Government Initiatives
"Fumer Tue" and Picture of diseases caused by smoking have to be on Cigarette Boxes
Tax on cigarettes
No smoking in public places like cafes, restaurants, schools, government buildings
Tax on Cigarette manufactures.
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