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Fly!:The Effect of Air Drag on Different Paper Airplanes

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Bosco Li

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Fly!:The Effect of Air Drag on Different Paper Airplanes

“History of Paper Airplanes.” Paper Airplanes HQ. n.d. web. 20 Oct. 2013.
“How does a paper airplane work?” ehow. Demand Media. n.d. web. 20 Oct. 2013.
How does the effect of air drag on the paper airplane?
Statement of the Problem

Independent Variable: Different type of paper airplane
Dependent Variable: Paper airplane’s air drag
Different type of paper airplane can affect how far the airplane travels, because different type of paper airplane has different shape, so they have different area to touch the air drag.
1. How does a paper airplane work?

Fly!:The Effect of Air Drag on Different Paper Airplanes
1. a piece of paper (letter)
2. a big area
3. a long ruler
4. a pen
5. a notebook


The airplane with larger wings and a light nose will fly farther than the airplane with a heavy nose
Review of Literature
When a paper airplane is designed. The builder folds the sheet of paper to provide maximum wingspan to support the plane for prolonged fight. As with general aviation, paper airplane may be designed with different wing configurations for speed or lofty, prolonged flight. In addition, some designers choose to add a small weight to the plane to keep it stable in flight.

2.Who is the first person to created the first paper airplane
No name. It is generally believed that the Chinese were the first to build paper airplane and kites out of. Papyrus paper around 2000 years ago.
Future Study

I can make more paper airplanes with different appearances, because if I can make more different kinds of paper airplanes, I can find more things about the effect of air drag on different paper airplanes.
Different types of planes can affect how far the planes travel. I made three paper
airplanes for this project. Plane 1 is a streamlined paper airplane; the look is deft. Plane 2 is a big plane, it has two big wings. Plane3 is similar to Plane 2, butPlane 3 has a big nose, so it is heavier. When I throw Plane 1, it is very smart and flies quickly, I throw it 3 times, and its average flight is 175.67 inches. When I throw Plane 2, it is big and light, and it can keep its balance in the air,but because it is too light, it doesn’t fly straight. 3 times later, its average flight is 65.3 inches. The last plane has a heavy nose, so it can keep its balance in the air. I flies straight, so its average is better than the second one: 127.66 inches. Plane 1 can fly fast and far because it is a streamlined plane, it can cut the air resistance, so it is smart. Plane 2’s problem is the shape of paper airplane2 it is can’t keep banlance to the air, so it does not have power enough to cut the air resistance. Plane 2 can call Plane 3 a pro. Plane 3 has big wings and good weight, and flies pretty far as well.

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