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Word in 75 minutes

tools for teaching word problems - Thanks for viewing the presentation. If you are interested, there is an updated version here: http://prezi.com/v62mb-u76oy1/word-in-225/

Abby Roza

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Word in 75 minutes

Please make a note and/or discuss:
What steps do you use to solve a word problem?

Where do your students typically get "stuck" solving a word problem?

Warm Up:
A few tools and strategies
Consider modifications

Which strategies do you use in your classroom?
Any not listed?
Once students complete the categorizing activity, what might be a next step?
Traveail has 2 packs of Now and Later. Each pack has 8 in there. Traveail has 4 kids.

How many does each
kid get?
If I have 12 candies and Abby wants 6 candies.
How many
do I have
"Students must be able to use multiple approaches to make sense of and understand problems."
"Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others."
Common Core Standards
"Look for and make use of structure."
How might this activity be adjusted for :
English Language Learners
Students with developing math skills or vocabulary
Your students or curriculum
Categorizing Questions
Steps to Solve
Identify something you might use or modify. How might you do it?
Giving students a new view of word problems
Abby Roza

Quotes from:

Word Problems
word problems
Build a Word Problem!
Take at least 2 numbers and 1 operation card.
Write a word problem inspired by your cards.
On a separate paper write a solution to your problem.
Try to solve another person's problem.
Compare solutions and discuss.
Josh got paid in the beginning of Aug. His net pay was $1,480. He had to pay his rent which was $580. Last month his mother loaned him $650. He had also borrowed money from his older brother, he owes him a total of $500 dollars. After he pays his rent and his family how much money does he still owe?
Consider a problem.
Does it satisfy any of the squares on your bingo sheet?
Mark the square with the number of the problem.
Shout "BINGO!" when you have a row of marked squares.
Common Core Standards
Jill hit the jackpot at Mystic Lake for $25,000. She owed $8,000 in back taxes. How much did she take home after paying the $8,000?
I asked a guy how many cars he owns. He said, "2 after the cops took my other 7." How many cars did he start with?
Explicit Instruction!

I do

We do

They do

Guided practice

Independent practice
carry out
Generate a
more accessible
Ask them
what they
& notice..
A. Fetter
R. Moses
G. Polya
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