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Summary of poem

No description

Amelia B

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Summary of poem

Summary of poem
Bhatt uses a vast array of stylistic features in her poem to grasp and engage her readers attention. Bhatt incorporates the use of personification, metaphors and repetition in her poem 'the one who goes away'.

It is evident that in the following quotes she has used these features in order to shape our response and understanding of her poem.

' I am the one who always goes away' is commonly repeated throughout her poem to emphasis to her audience that she had to leave her homeland and is now feeling guilt and remorse.

The use of personification is evident in the quote ' While the earth calls and the hearth calls come back come back ' as she has given human qualities to non living things. Her purpose in doing this was to show the audience that she was been called back to homeland, where she truly belongs.

'The one Who goes Away
Sujata Bhatt
This image depicts the main idea of Bhatt leaving her country behind, 'the one who always goes away'.
This image best highlights and depicts Bhatt's emotiions and expression in her poem when she was traveling and first arrived in America.
This image reflects the main idea in the poem of not knowing where Bhatt belongs. She is caught between to different countries and traditions.
Quotes and analysis of Bhatt's techniques
Sujata Bhatt's poem ' The one who goes away' is quite different anf uniqye compaed to her otherpoems shes composed. Bhatt's poems fouc either on conceptual ideals which deal with mythology or references to her life. The 'Muliebrity' has an underlying connection connection to the poem we are focusing at as it talks about an Indian girl picking up cow dung. Although this poem isnt set in India nor talks about the girl it highlights Bhatt's journey to America and having yoleave her homeland thus the title of the poem. She incorporates a few key phrses and words which highlight her time in India and her yearn to go back one day. This shows us that India is a common underlying theme
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