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clause of concession

No description

haifa Al Otaibi

on 21 February 2015

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Transcript of clause of concession

clauses of concession
We use clauses of concession to express contrast or opposition to the main clause

in spite of / despite + noun /-ing form / what
the heavy rain , it was very hot.
In spite
of feeling afraid , Jim went on the roller coaster .
what you may think , that's not the case .
in spite of / despite + the fact + that -clause
He went jogging
in spite of

the fact that
he had a terrible headache .
although/ even though/though + subject + verb
clause of concession
Even though

he was starving
, he didn't take any of the food they offered him.
the clause of result and purpose are mentioned in the holy Qur'an
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