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No description

Sarah Borkenhagen

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of TPACK

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge TPACK By: Kellie Bohlke, Sarah Borkenhagen, and Katlynne Mark TPACK Framework - more than learning the basic skills
i.e. Workshops are ill-suited to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom to teach students effectively Applying the Framework Learning basic skills does not mean good teaching Teachers need to be trained & acquire competency with hardware Approaches --> provide teachers with experiences involving real educational problems to be solved by technology Technology Knowledge (TK) Problems for Teachers 1. Technology changing at a rapid rate
2. Inappropriate design of software - business
3. Context-neutral approaches - not specific subject
4. What not how
Formal IT coursework -> inability to integrate
technology into the classroom Laptops Software Internet Includes knowledge of.... Content Knowledge (CK) Concepts Conceptual Framework Theories Knowledge about accepted ways of developing knowledge "Command of the Subject" Knowledge About.... Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) How students learn Teaching approaches Methods of assessment Knowledge of theories about learning Pedagogical Content Knowledge
(PCK) Knowledge of.... What makes a subject difficult and easy to learn Common misconceptions Likely preconceptions Digital animation Technological Content Knowledge (TCK) Viewing affordances and constraints of technology as an enabler of different teaching methods Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK) TPK becomes particularly important because most popular software programs are not designed for educational purposes. Rejecting functional fixedness Interplay Between.... Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) Content Knowledge Pedagogical Knowledge Technological Knowledge An understanding of the complexity of relationships between students, teachers, content, practices and technologies Requires that teachers understand technology enough to apply it, recognize when technology can assist or interfere with the achievement of a goal, and continually adapt to changes in technology The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.
-Sir William Henry Bragg The Need for TPCK Using Technology in The Classroom A Framework for Teacher
Knowledge for Technology
Integration P Content Knowledge and Pedagogical
Classroom Knowledge C Pedagogical Content
Knowledge Previously, either content or pedagogy dominated A relationship between Content and Pedagogy is necessary PCK is a blend of two bodies of knowledge The use of PCK allows educators to present information in a way that will be easy for others to understand Making the jump Technology Technology Then Textbooks Chalkboards Overhead Projectors Charts and Graphs Technology Now Computers Software Smart boards Hardware Internet T Technology Now Computers Technology is constantly changing
Teachers need to be educated
Need for a vision
Need for theories "TPCK framework has allowed us to guide curriculum design and help us create... coherent learning environments" Applying TPCK in the Classroom Three Examples Emphases is placed on learning by doing, and less so on overt lecturing and traditional teaching Faculty Development and Online Course Design Design an online course to be taught by the faculty member the following year. Further students own development as future lectures, instructors, and professors. What did participants learn? What can we generalize about the studies? The idea at the hand of TCK? What about the TPCK framework? TPCK developed? Using TPCK as an Analytical Framework Developing TPCK is a multigenerational process survey instrument to assess the development of TPCK by student and faulty participants in the learning technology by design seminar Developing a Survey Instrument to Track the Evolution of TPCK Smart Boards Inferential What does the TPCK framework buy us? Hardware Descriptive Application Make sense of the complex web of relationships TPCK framework allows to understand? Two aspects of TPCK framework What can the TPCK framework do ? Conclusion What does the TPCK framework allow us to identify? Geometer's Sketchpad Case Studies
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