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Copy of Biology Project

(Down Syndrome)

francine montes

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Biology Project

Francine Montes
Biology Project
10y History Of Down Syndrome The Genetic Disorder of Down Syndrome was first discovered on 1866 buy Jerome Lejone who was a French scientist it has been known for 147 years . How do you get Down Syndrome Down syndrome is caused buy the extra chromosome in the body of the child. With one extra chromosome your hole body changes.

The percentage of getting this disorder is of 40% Physical Information about Down Syndrome People with this disorder have some different facial feature then we have. They have flat nose, small mouth and smaller hands and feet.They also have medical problems like talking in a way we can understand .This people may look alike in the outside but each individual is diferent in the inside. Body changes in Down Syndrome For people with this disorder there hands and feet tend to become smaller. Which makes it harder for them to manage there activities but its still something they can control. Development in Down Syndrome people Down Syndrome people are not affected allot in there brain. They are able to think communicate and understand others.

But when they have to learn something it takes longer than we do. Down Syndrome People Unfortunetly you cant get rid of this disorder, but you can survive through it.The average age of this people with this is 55-60 years. The major struggle they face is to fit in into groups of people do to there appearance. Old people with this disorder Examples of Support Groups of Down Syndrome A Group of Children with Down Syndrome, are part of a Special Dance Class in Boston , Mickey Cassella is the director of physical therapy at Children's Hospital Boston In 2002 she teamed with the Boston Ballet to create the first adaptive dance program Support groups in Honduras The Support Group"Integrar" Once a year they celebrate the official day of Down Syndrome ,celebrated in March 21 of every year. Down Syndrome How to prevent Down Syndrome You cant prevent this.As woman have kids older they have a higher risk of having DS. 5.8 million people have this disorder 1 in every 1,000 babies has ... 5.8 million people have this disorder Workcited "Not a Member Yet?" DownSyndromecom. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2013. www.ds-int.org/about downsyndrome.(uk) www.honduras.com/español/fundacion-sindromededown-integrar www.theidsc.org(InternationalDownSyndromeCoalitlition) Music:Clocks-Coldplay Design: Prezi All children of God are Precious Tend to have a long life Down Syndrome people teaches us that even though they have a disorder, they try to continue through there lives.
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