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Cheese :p

This is mine and Rella's prezi about Moon Cheese :p

Jasmine Sanders

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Cheese :p

Our project is ALL about MoonCheese!!
Here is some pictures and facts for you!
Hope you like it!! :D Wallace and the Moon cheese and Cracker! Dun dun dun the moon has been eaten, without the moon we will never be able to go to sleep and the mice will be food less huuuhh! :( Moon cheese is Delicious Mice LOVE it!!! Mice love cheese!
Did you know its
their favorite food?

Cheese is a very popular
food and the moon
it is mixed together that's
why we called it
Moon Cheese! :) This is Wallace with his moon cheese he never forgets his crackers and cheese!! The moon is 239,000 miles away from the earth.
You can see the surface of the moon by using a pair of binoculars or a telescope.
If you look at the moon when it is nearly full you can see the dark areas with is called the seas. Facts about the moon! THE MOON HAS BEEN EATEN! The Moon! The moon is grey! The Moon is 4.5 billion years old! The Moon has a diameter of 2,000 miles! The Moon reflects light from the sun! < Facts about Moon Cheese! :p The moon is round.Big Macs are round.Big Macs have cheese on them.The moon must be made out of hamburger or cheese! Grant feels that NASA's relutance to agree with the theory indicates that they are also being manipulted by the cheese! Mooncheese~ By Rella Jefferies & Jaz Sanders :D My Epic Cheese;) Guess what?:o THE END. ;_; STAY AWESOME CHEESE;)
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