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R-Controlled Vowels

No description

Holly Meek

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of R-Controlled Vowels

Arrrrr! Bossy R ar are air oddballs car park sharp bear bar care heart hair bare hare shark pear where pair share fair I like to drive my __________. I see a bright __________ in the sky. On nice days I play at the __________. At night, I am scared of the __________. The point of the pencil is really _________. http://www.galacticphonics.com/othervowels/ar/interactive/arbelt.htm Game!!! Old Mark Farmer had a farm
ar ar ar ar ar!
And on this farm he had a barn
ar ar ar ar ar!

What was in that barn?

A dog with a bark
a bird called a lark
an old man named Carl
a monster with a snarl!

Old Mark Farmer had a farm
ar ar ar ar ar! Image Source: http://free-phonics-worksheets.com/images/phonics_worksheet_v2-17.jpg
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