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The Five People You Meet in Heaven

book presentation

Alex Nhan

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Alex Nhan The Five People You Meet In Heaven
-Mitch Albom Poll:
Which of these 5 people would you like to meet in heaven? shows that each person affects the other and that other affects the next. "The world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." Eddie feels remorse and terror as he sees her face burned form the fire.
Tala tells Eddie that their mothers would wash them with stones in the river to clean them.
Eddie picks up a stone and rubs Tala's face and sees the burn scars clear away and Tala is whole again.
Eddie was tortured his whole life by images of not being able to save the girl, and now he is able to fix her. Lesson #5 Elvis Presley Martin Luther King George Washington Steve Jobs Abraham Lincoln Into the Story Main character Eddie Works at an amusement park called Ruby Pier
Dies trying to save a little girl from a falling roller coaster cart
Meets 5 people in heaven First Person Met in Heaven Blue Man Turned blue from drinking silver nitrate every night as a child to relieve his nerves
Was killed by baby Eddie playing ball in the street
Avoided hitting Eddie but killed himself Eddie meets Blue Man in his heaven, Ruby Pier, where he wasn't frowned upon Lesson #1 There are no random encounters, we are all connected in some way "You can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind." The Second Person Met in Heaven Captain from WWII They were captured, and Eddie helped them escape with his juggling skills
Eddie tried to run into a burning building to save a little girl, but was shot in the leg by the Captain, who didn't want Eddie to burn to death.
Eddie's life was never the same after that, haunted by not being able to save the girl and could no longer dance or run. Lesson #2 Eddie was furious at the Captain for shooting him, but then felt forgiveness as he learns that the Captain died the next day stepping on a land mine by trying to make sure their escape was safe and clear.
learns sacrifice - Captain died so that Eddie could live. The Third Person Met in Heaven Father Eddie's father was a drunk, who would beat Eddie as a child
Eddie despised his father all his life and cursed him when he died
Brought Eddie neglect, violence, and silence while growing up
His father also kept him around Ruby's Pier all his life when he was trying to escape it. Lesson #3 Eddie is brought to a scene where his father caught a guy harassing his wife (Eddie's mom) and wanted to kill him. The guy ran and fell into an ocean where he was going to drown, but Eddie's father jumped in to try to save him and he caught a pneumonia and died.
Here Eddie forgives his father and his death as he sees that his father was a good man and loyal to his wife. The Fourth Person Met in Heaven Marguerite The love of Eddie's life
Had trouble getting pregnant, wanting to adopt.
Died at only 47 from a brain tumor due to a car accident trying to bring Eddie home from gambling
Met her again in heaven where their love was reunited by going through different wedding receptions of different cultures, representing love. Lesson #4 The final wedding reception they see is their own, and they dance together talking about the pain of being apart, until Marguerite disappears.
Eddie learns that although life may end, their love will last forever. The Fifth Person Met in heaven Tala She is the little girl that Eddie had thought he had saw in the burning building during the war.
Eddie had nightmares about her burning and how he couldn't save her. Mitch Albom used great skill in switching through many of the different settings, flashbacks, and time periods over Eddie's 75 years.
Usage of foreshadow and romance.
The book showed how short life is.
Made peace with the 5 people he met.
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