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Line - In art

No description

Jonathan Skjøtt

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Line - In art

visual art consists of
Anish Kapoor
Indian Artist ( 1954 - )
Contemporary art/sculpture

Lines shaping the artpieces
Image by Tom Mooring
Edvard Munch
Line - In art
Norwegian artist (1863-1944)
Expressionist painter

The Scream
Oil painting
91 x 73.5
The Munch Museum Oslo

A line is a mark that spans the range between two points.
Marth Graham
Us. Pennelsylvania (1894-1991)
Mother of modern dance.

Lamentation - Weeping
Performed by Peggy Lynmann
Horisontal Lines
Vertical Lines
Curved Lines
Zigzag Lines
Diagonal Lines
Vernet 1767
A storm by the mediterranean coast
Picasso 1937
Hokusai 1829-32
The Great wave off Kanagawa
Gothic Cathedral
Johann Ludig Ernst (1738-1819)
Mary Ann Trzyna (2013)
Horisontal Calm
Cloud Gate
10 m × 13 m × 20 m
Stainless Steel
110 tons
P. S. Krøyer
Fishermen pulling up net at Skagen Nordstrand
135 x 190,5 cm
1851 - 1909
Skagen Art Museum
Kenneth Snelson
Needle Tower
1,800 cm × 618 cm × 540 cm
Aluminium & Stainless steel
Hirschhorn museum USA
Contemporary Sculptur (1927-) Oregon - USA
The Great Sphinx of Giza
Installation at 8th International Istanbul Biennial
1600 chairs
Doris Salcedo
Columbia (1958 -)
Skagen Painter (1851-1909) Denmark
Line is one of the key elements of art. Line
in 2D, 3D art pieces as well as performance art have an important role as an element having a great influence on the visual appearance of the pieces.
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