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Why We Eat What We Do

foods for life project

Anita Alvarado

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Why We Eat What We Do

Why We Eat What We Do By Monica Hess, Christian Scantling, George Delgado, Anita Alvarado Religion Many different religions do not include certain foods in their diet because of their beliefs. Some religious practices include fasting or abstaining from food for periods of time. Some religions that avoid specific foods and/or fast are Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam. Meal: Hinduism
Vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, no beef
Puri (flat bread deep- fried in ghee or oil), Dahl (lentil and beans soup), sabji (preparation made from vegetables, usually spiced), lassi (yoghurt and water drink) Friends Some friends are health conscious & make people move to better choices. Some friends can make you go in a negative direction. They influence what you eat because you want to fit in with them and eat similarly. Meal: Good Influence
Entrée- Salad
Side- Unsalted crackers
Drink- Unsweetened tea Media People are exposed to the media everyday and the food it advertises. Advertisements target the interests of the viewers to make them crave the food they're selling. Media influences what food you by the way it's portrayed. Meal: Subway
Entrée- Teriyaki footlong
Side- barbecue chips
Drink- Sprite Emotions People usually eat out of being depressed or lonely. When they feel like this they use food as comfort because it tastes good and makes them feel better. Usually comfort food is not very healthy. Meal: Domino's
Entrée- Pepperoni pizza
Side- Breadsticks
Drink- Coke Culture Meal: Chinese Culture
Entrée- Stir fried rice with pork
Side- Eggrolls
Drink- Green tea Culture affects the foods you eat because it's the customs you grow up with. Different cultures tend to include different types of foods according to the resources they have in their country. The influence of culture in what you eat can be passed down by family and friends. Sources http://www.thehindu.com/multimedia/dynamic/00130/21KIMPFOOD_130364f.jpg
http://hinduism.iskcon.org/lifestyle/809.htm http://www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/blog_prompt_entries.asp?pid=66

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