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Kristina Rasband

on 12 March 2015

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Virtual Reality: Rehabilitation
Who uses VR Rehabilitation?
Used for patients with mental health disorders, stroke recovery, muscle weakness, brain injuries, motor problems, and delayed cognitive processes.
How is VR Rehab used?
VR Rehabilitation can be utilized with both the clinician and the patient present, or in the comfort of the patients home.

A computer, T.V set, and a kinect controller is needed to undergo VR rehab.

The software is developed by clinicians and professionals in order to control and track progress of the patients rehab from nearly any setting.

Video games are used that allow patients to undergo their rehab in a virtual environment.

Various VR rehab programs allow for gesture based programs that works well for patients with limited mobility.

Patient can be in the comfort of their own home and still successfully do their therapy.

Equipment can be used across various patient populations

Enables patients to be motivated to successfully completer their rehabilitation program through having fun.

Data can be accessed from multiple parties. Both the clinician and patient can track their progress.

Virtual rehabilitation enables clinicians the chance to test and track patients progress through a variety of applications using virtual environments (Kim, G. J., & Rizzo, S.A., 2005).

Types of Virtual Rehab
Immersive Therapy Cart- Rehab is based off of the patient's gestures and can be done sitting or standing. Benefits patients with limited mobility.

Interactive Rehabilitation and exercise system-A sport or an environment where patients control their upper and lower body. Benefits patients with their hand-eye coordination and various functional movements.

Cognitive Virtual Rehabilitation- Rehabilitation used for patients who have attention deficits or mental disorders such as post-traumatic disorder.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation- A common form of rehabilitation used for patients who are suffering from a ligament displacement or injury.

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation: Used for stroke patients through virtual video games that help improve their coordination.

Impact of Virtual Reality on Education
Student's have a better chance of trial and error session before practicing in real life situations
The student's are able to visualize, simulate and interact with virtual objects, students are able to have more hands on experiences
Virtual Reality is better used with mathematics, astronomy and geometry education
VR helps student's that are having trouble understanding the motion of earth, the students are able to use virtual reality models to help them see the earth's motion
Doctor's in training can use virtual reality for surgical training and practicing before they do it on actual people

Virtual Field Trips
Student's are able to visit and connect with history
Students are able to understand the daily struggles and lives of people from the past
Students can visit Historical sites and museums with out leaving their seats
Virtual field trips provide access to places that would normally be impossible for the teacher and student's to visit.
Virtual field trips are student-centered approach to instructions
Virtual field trips are more interesting to the students and can create a positive learning experience
Gorilla Exhibit
Virtual Reality and Education
Creates motivation in students
Students have more hands on experience
Virtual field trips are more interesting and fun for students
VFT create an environment were students can practice leadership skills
Connects students studies with real- world and local situations
Students are able to assume the persona of an adolescent gorilla, enter into one of the gorilla habitats at the Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta Georgia and the students are able to interact as part of a gorilla family unit.
The goal of this gorilla exhibit is to create an experiential educational tool for middle school students to learn about gorillas' interactions, vocalizations, social structures and habitat
Travel with Virtual Reality
Imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world
According to the U.S. Travel Association, fewer adults are traveling with children. In 2012, ONLY 26 percent of domestic leisure travelers traveled with children under the age of 18 (408.5 million trips) compared with 2008, when 31 percent of adults traveled with children (466.2 million trips)-LESS PEOPLE ARE BEING ABLE TO TRAVEL.
The average age of leisure travelers is 47.5 years old.
With Virtual Reality, anyone can travel anywhere for a reasonable price.
Virtual Reality
Travel with
Marriot has given
couples the opportunity
to go on a honeymoon with virtual reality! Take a look!
Virtual Reality in Flight
Tired of movies as in-flight entertainment?
Then you might want to try to snag a first-class ticket on Australian carrier Qantas, which says it will offer virtual reality headsets to some of its premium passengers.
Virtual Reality in Government
Virtual reality allows you to exactly reproduce any event for further technique practice and assessment
Provides a safe environment for police officers, firefighters, etc. to experience errors and consequences.
The trainee can get a different outcome through guidance, practice, and approach selection through being able to repeat certain scenarios they need help with.
Simulations improve reaction and response times, critical decision processes, safety, and skills.
Virtual Reality in Government Training
Immerse the trainees in situations that make them use real reactions, and use their subconscious tactical decisions for real life situations.
Visual, auditory, and physical experiences to enhance the learning of trainees.
Advantages of Virtual Reality
in Government Training
Let officers practice interviews and and interrogations which is an important part of of police operations.
Enhance their communications skills by increasing the brains' muscle memory through simulations.
Ability to restart if the trainee makes a mistake and is able to learn from those mistakes from the trainer.
Everything said in the virtual interview is available to them to learn from the mistakes and gain success.
Trainee is able to take notes onscreen and get advice from an onscreen coach.
Virtual Reality in NASA
Gives the spacewalking crew members a chance to interact with the space station configuration that they will be working with.
Allows the spacewalkers and arm operators to practice operating on the station and shuttle.
Practice how to give commands so that no mistakes are made during the real operation.
They can practice self-rescue techniques.
The virtual reality helmets give them the views and monitor activities as they would in orbit.

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Oculus Rift
The Rift uses custom tracking technology to provide ultra-low latency 360° head tracking, allowing you to seamlessly look around the virtual world just as you would in real life.
Imagine watching the World Cup final in Brazil from the comfort of your own home. Forget watching TV - you could put on the Oculus Rift and watch the game as if you're a part of the crowd.
The Oculus Rift alters the spatial environment, which in turn, produces an effect on the body, memory, mind and consciousness of the user.
Current research shows the value of virtual reality in treating PTSD but it can help treat other schema-related issues, where role-play or imagination was previously used.
Samsung Gear VR Available now for $199, Oculus Rift comes out this year in 2015 for an estimated price of $350, and other devices like Song Project Morhpeus & Microsoft HoloLens are making their way into the market.
Cost depends on the equipment, as equipment can start as low as $89.

Additionally, virtual environments can offer social skills training for children with autism and social skills. Participants can practice behaviors through role-play situations, in a safe environment for rule learning and task repetition

Robotic surgery allows surgeons to control the robotic arm, allowing them to do smaller incisions and more precise movements that are more difficult for human surgeons.

VR equipment with 3D images that allows surgeons the chance to rehearse the surgery.

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