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The Chunnel

Facts about the Chunnel

Bryce Lockwood

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of The Chunnel

How did the Chunnel
get its name? The English Channel, a stretch
of rivered water between the U. K.
and France,
The British dug a tunnel to Calais & France.
Therefore 'tis called the(Chaneled
tunnel) Chunnel. How far is the Chunnel? 19 nautical miles How fast do the trains go in the chunnel? Thirty to One- hundred miles maximum Who thought
of the chunnel? Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon thought an underground tunnel was good for military reasons. Napoleon wanted to invade Great Britain. Fin/The End By: Bryce Lockwood How much did it cost to build the Chunnel? the cost to build the chunnel was $21 billion, Now that's a ton of money to build one Massive train. THE EURO STAR CHUNNEL TRAIN What was the chunnel's purpose? Facts about the chunnel: The Chunnel(Also called the Channel Tunnel/Euro star) took a very long time to build, the Chunnel was completed in 1994. The Chunnel has three tunnels, 2 for traffic routes, and 1 in the middle for an emergency or service tunnel. The Chunnel ThAnk you all for listening to my Prezi(s)! Who performed a proposal of the Chunnel? Albert Mathieu What year was his proposal? 1802 For Ariving new destinations, to harvest, & plant oil trees through Europe! 1875, The Chunnel had then begun.
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