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What is Public Service Broadcasting?

Exploring what a 'PSB' is an what it's aims/requirements are.

jake denton

on 15 March 2012

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Transcript of What is Public Service Broadcasting?

PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING A Public Service Broadcaster (PSB) is a state funded media broadcaster intended not simply for commercial purposes, but more, to benefit the public. THE BBC IS THE MODEL PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTER PAID FOR BY THE GOVERNMENT! The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has existed since 1922 PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTERS MUST BENEFIT THE PUBLIC AS THEY ARE PAID FOR BY THE GOVERNMENT PSB'S ARE A 'SERVICE' to the Public! PSB'S MUST PROVIDE 'QUALITY' TELEVISION PROGRAMMES LICENSE FEE MANDATORY 145.50 is the YEARLY COST of the LICENSE FEE a tax that pays for PSB SCRAP THE LICENCE FEE? Lose the 'Quality' PSBs provide? An Example of a PSB programme is NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS (NMTB) NMTB is a PANEL SHOW SATIRICAL CONTENT CELEBRITY GUESTS POP CULTURE TOPICS a show fitting the BBC's MANTRA INFORMS
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