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Motion-sensor tool activity

No description

Samantha Duncan

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Motion-sensor tool activity

Motion-sensor tool activity Velocity: The rate and the direction of the change in the position of an object. *REMEMBER: Velocity is a VECTOR! So the rate and DIRECTION but be given to know the velocity. Acceleration: The rate of change of velocity as a function of time. ACCELERATION IS ALSO A VECTOR :) Formula: a=F/m net force --> mass --> Formula: v=d/t distance --> time --> IN CLASS PROJECT! *You will be working in groups of 4 or 5. * One group at a time you will come up to the table at the front of the room and perform the experiment outlined in your handouts. [The motion-sensor tool is already set up] *Once you have collected your data you will need to bring the tool to one of your computers and upload that data onto Data Studio. Make your data into a graph!! Fill out the GOogle form Individually!! [I sent this to your emails] RUBRIC
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