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Kevin Durant Impact to society

No description

Zaahir Hall

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Kevin Durant Impact to society

Kevin Durants Birth
* He goes to hospitals and helps out people in need.

* He visits tornado victims at their houses to check up on them and see how they are doing
What did he do to society
How does he exhibit global citizenship?
*Kevin Durant played in the movie Thundestruck about Kevin Durant going to a High school and giving the kids on the basketball team new shoes then he switches personalities with one of the kids who didn't make the team.

*Kevin donates the money that he makes selling shoes to charity

*Kevin Donated $100,000.00 to Haiti.

*He donated $1,000,000.00 to O.K.C.

*Kevin helped rebuild O.K.C.

Kevin's Bio Facts

* He donates to organizations with people in need

* He went to a hospital for people with special needs and made one kids wish come true by meeting him
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant was born September 29 1988. That's the same day Mrs. Alexander and Luke's dad was born.
What two IB attributes does Kevin posses?

* He is principled by donating every dollar that he promises to donate.

* He is open minded by thinking of the idea to help charities.

How has he inspired me to become a better global citizen?

I'm inspired to go to kids and helping them with their problems at my school no matter who or what stands in my way.
How has he inspired me to become a better global citizen

What 3 actions can I make to help society?

* By donating to salvation army

*By helping at PADS centers

*By cleaning up trash in the community
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