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Major Health Concepts

No description

Shea Walker

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Major Health Concepts

Native American Culture
Major Health Concepts
Belief In The Causes Of Illness
Supernatural forces and evil spirits
Violation of a taboo imbalance between man and nature
Methods of Treatment
Rituals, charms, and masks.
Prayer and meditation to restore harmony with nature.
Plant and herbs.
Medicine bag or bundle filled with herbs and blessed by the medicine man.
Response to pain
Pain is a normal part of life and tolerance of pain signifies strength and power.
Beliefs/ Practise's
Surrounding Births
Native American Indians state that pregnant woman would depart alone to a secluded place near a brooke or stream of water, then prepare for themselves with mats and coverings.
They await their delivery without the company or aid of any person.
Health is harmony between man and nature.
Balance among body, mind, and spirit.
Spiritual powers control body's harmony.
They are rarely sick from child-birth and suffer no inconveniences from the same
Men rarely attend the birth of children.
Most indians believed that eating certain food affected the fetus, as an example eating black wall nuts could have given the baby a big nose.
Native Americans belief that death is not the end of life
Native Americans integrate some traditionally Christian practices into their funeral services.
Native Americans don't believe in Hell or Heaven
Example: Don't attempt to comfort a Native American by saying, "At least she or he is in heaven now."
Health Care Beliefs
Many Native Americans live less than the average American
72.3 years for Native Americans
76.9 years for United States (all races)
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