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Prezi Magic

No description

Jessica Kingsbury

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of Prezi Magic

Prezi has so much going on within the website, but there is so much more that you can add to it to make it even more exciting!
If you've ever browsed through the Prezis in the explore section of the website, you'll find some truly amazing Prezis.
You'll find...
Prezis with music in the background
Prezis with video screen captures
Prezis with constant motion
Prezis with unique fonts
Let's start with...
There are two ways to put music in the background of your Prezi, but first you have a decision to make:
If you want to put music in your Prezi you can always insert a youtube video of the song or you can put the song in iMovie with an image in the background...
but what if you want music to play in the background of you Prezi?
Do you want the music to play the entire time the Prezi is open or do you want the song to play in the background one time?
If you want music to play throughout the entire Prezi:
If you want the song to play once in the background while you continue navigating the Prezi:
Use a frame.
Insert the video into the frame and add the frame to the path.
Click the play button and keep navigating your prezi!
Find a song online that you want to play in the background of your Prezi and download it.
There are a few ways to download videos. Here are two easy ways.
Convert the song to a swf file so that it loops in prezi.
Remember, if you insert the song as an swf it will play the entire time that the prezi is open. This means that if you plan on inserting other video files the audio of the swf will still play in the background!
Next, let's learn about:
Take a video screen capture:
Remove youtube ads:
Don't those look familiar?
Now just insert the youtube file into prezi...
Here's the file that appears when you paste in the youtube link.
Here's the file that we inserted.
Next, let's see some...
Some objects in prezi move around constantly.
You can buy these objects on one of these websites:
When you search on these websites, search for the file type "flash."
Download the file(s) and insert the .swf file into your prezi.
Let's learn even...
To put your own fonts in prezi, download the program below:
Check out how the font loads into prezi:
You can zoom in on the font without losing any quality!
If you want to use your own audio or create your own music video in iMovie watch this tutorial:
These are just some of the many things that prezi can do! Good luck using them in your prezi!
Don't put the video in the path, or it will stop when you navigate to the next item in the path.
If you're looking for a place to download some unique fonts, check these websites:
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