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#3 - Weighing the Advantages & Disadvantags of Disclosure

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Kim Cubitt

on 25 March 2018

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Transcript of #3 - Weighing the Advantages & Disadvantags of Disclosure

— Benefits resulting from a particular course of action.

— Unfavorable, inferior, or prejudicial conditions that result from a particular course of action.

— To consequences because of involvement or release.

— How you view yourself. One’s conception of oneself or of one’s role; self-image may be positive or negative.

Self -advocacy
— The process by which
someone supports his or her ideals, beliefs
or oneself.
Only you can decide whether or not you
will want to disclose your disability (or
any other sensitive information) to
As with most important informed decisions
you will make during your lifetime, there are
both advantages and disadvantages associated with the decision to disclose.

On the one hand, disability disclosure can open up opportunities for you to participate in activities that you may have avoided (or in which you have been unable to participate), and help you put into place a strong support

On the other hand, it’s downright scary to tell someone something personal when there are no assurances that they will react positively to your news.

Vocabulary Key
Let's check your vocabulary!
#3 - Weighing the Advantages & Disadvantages of Disclosure
Possible Advantages of Disclosure
• It allows you to receive reasonable accommodations so that you can pursue work, school, or community activities more effectively.
• It provides legal protection against discrimination (as specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA).
• It reduces stress, since protecting a “secret” can take a lot of energy.
• It gives you a clearer impression of what kinds of expectations people may have of you and your abilities.
• It ensures that you are getting what you need in order to be successful (for example, through an accommodation or medication).
• It provides full freedom to examine and question health insurance and other benefits.
• It provides greater freedom to communicate should you face changes in your particular situation.
• It improves your self-image through self-advocacy.
• It allows you to involve other professionals (for example, educators and employment service providers) in the learning of skills and the development of accommodations.
• It increases your comfort level.
Possible disadvantages of disclosure...
*It can cause you to relive bad past experiences that
resulted in the loss of a job or negative responses from
your peers.
*It can lead to the experience of exclusion.
* It can cause you to become an object of
* It can lead to your being blamed if something doesn’t go right.
* It can lead to your being treated differently than others.
* It can bring up conflicting feelings about your self-image.
* It can lead to your being viewed as needy, not self-sufficient, or unable to perform on par with peers.
* It could cause you to be overlooked for a job, team, group, or organization.
* Disclosing personal and sensitive information can be extremely difficult and embarrassing.
Journal Entry
Your personal philosophy
In your journal write down your answer to the following:

1. What does it really mean to be a person with a disability?

2. How does it affect your life

Only you can answer that question, because even people with the same disability feel differently and experience things differently.
Discussion Board Activity
On the discussion board, reply about the following scenarios...

Scenario 1
(Employment): Liz is 16 years old and eager to get her first real job. She has applied for a position working with five- and six-year-old children in an after-school day care program. The director of the program calls to tell Liz that she has the job and she wants Liz to come in and see her the next day. Liz wonders if she should tell the director that she was hospitalized after a seizure when she was 10 years old, but has not had one since then. Liz participates in several in- and out-of-school activities, and gets regular check-ups with her doctor. Think about the impact of Liz disclosing her seizure to her potential employer. What are the advantages or disadvantages of disclosing?



Another scenario...
Scenario 2
(Postsecondary education): Calvin is extremely shy but excited about starting college. He is registering for his first semester of classes and realizes that all freshmen are required to take public speaking. Calvin stutters severely when he speaks, especially around new people. Consider Calvin’s self-image and his concern about his stuttering.

Would it be to Calvin’s advantage or disadvantage to disclose his disability to his potential professors, classmates, and roommates?


and one more...
Scenario 3
(Social setting): Brandy has cerebral
palsy and requires the use of a wheelchair.
Brandy has been invited to a pool party by one of her classmates on the weekend. Brandy
cannot swim without help. If she goes to the pool party, someone will have to accompany her in the water, and all her friends will see. Think about the impact of Brandy’s disclosing her disability to her friends. What are some of the advantages or disadvantages of disclosure?


So...how did you do?
Talk with family and trusted adults...
when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of disclosure.
This curriculum was developed by the US Department of Labor and is presented by Kim Cubitt from
Kim Cubitt Consulting. As I narrate each slide, at the end I may add information that is not seen on the slide to enhance your learning. Let’s begin!
Congratulations! You are done with this tutorial. Make sure that you have completed all your Journal Entries, Discussion Board Questions and Extension Activities before moving on.
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