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Where is The Love

No description

Chirung Desai

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Where is The Love

Works Cited
The artist's who wrote the song are The Black Eyed Peas. The song was released in 2004. Will.i.am raps about terrorism and hate, explaining that although bombing terrorists in Iraq, the world does not fight 'The Bloods and The Crips and The KKK', who freely roam the USA. The song is peaceful. Their genre is known for peaceful music.
Once again, Will.i.am is talking about how we can't stop the problems in our country yet we worry about stopping the world's problems. This song explains that in society they're having a lot of problems, which reflects to the society in that time period. During this time, This song describes events happening after 9/11, like the war on terror and terrorist threats, as well as talking about the threats and things people live through every day, such as killing, fighting, abuse, and many other negative things.
The Song
The Song
The song basically tells about the bad events that happened in the 21st century. The songs significance is to counter hate with love. "To discriminate only generates hate" "You gotta have love just to set it straight" These are lyrics from the song that explains the meaning we put.
Social Context
By: Tiffany Edwards
Chirung Desai

Where is The Love
Rhyme scheme, internal rhyme, personification, repetition are the poetic devices used in the song. These poetic devices enhance the song's purpose by making it catchy and fun. Rhyme scheme makes the song fun to sing along with and you can understand the purpose by the repetition of words.
The argument is basically in the song title. Because of all the hate, and all the bad things in the world, there is no love. The only solution to counter the hate is to love. The Black Eyed Peas made this song to say to fill the holes made by hate with lots of love. Another meaning of the song is to show the lack of thinking in our society and the hatred and violence that we allowed to take over the world. Together, bound by others we are therefore responsible for each other and the actions that we decide to take. It impacted society by getting everyone's attention and showing them things aren't what they should be like.
Repetition, rhyme scheme, internal rhyme, and personification are used in this song. Rhyme scheme really enhances the song because it makes it catchy, fun, and upbeat. Repetition enhances the song's purpose by emphasizing the importance of love in our world. "Where is the love, the love, the love"
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