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Claire Martens

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Claire Martens

Nowhere to Call Home
Cynthia DeFelice

Ch. 6-7 On the Rails
Frances meets a boy in the boxcar she jumped on whose name is Stewpot. They somewhat become friends while riding the rails.
Ch. 14-16 Feels good to have a plan
Frankie and Stewpot decide on the route they are going to take which includes going to Cincinatti and finally ending up at the Rocky Mountains.
Ch. 1 Death of her Father
Frances' father committed suicide due to his bankruptcy. Frances is a 12 year old penniless orphan who wants to ride the rails.
Ch. 2-3 What to do?
Everyone is trying to decide where Frances will go. They decided to send her to her Aunt Bushnell's in Chicago where she can only take her personal things. Everything else is the banks.
Ch. 8-10 Life as a 'boe
Frankie and Stewpot are in Pittsburgh and meet up with a couple of Stewpot's 'friends.' Frankie and Stewpot are sent out to find food and end up working for a farmer to get food for their group in the jungle. They split up, but Frankie stays with Stewpot.
Ch. 11-13 Back on the rails
All of Frankie's valuables are stolen by Stewpot's 'friends.' Frankie buys a knife and finds out what stewpot does with his cigar boxes.
Ch. 4-5 Start of a New Life
Frances is off to her Aunt Bushnell's........ until she hops the train and redeems her ticket for money. When the "train guy" puts her in the cab she jumps out.
Ch. 17-19 It's a girl!!!
Frankie admits to Stewpot that she is a girl. Stewpot tells her that he thought she was all along. Said he ain't known anyone to swim in their Skivvies.
Ch. 20-22 Sicker and sicker
As Stewpot's illness gets worse Frankie and Stewpot decide to spend a night in the mission. Frankie tells Stewpot about her Aunt Bushnell and how they could go there. Stewpot said no, he wanted to see them Rockie's.
Ch. 23-26 Hoovervilles
Stewpot continues to get worse. They end up spendind a few days in a Hooverville. Frankie searches for a doctor and when she finds a hospital she is told she has to get Stewpot to them. As Frankie is putting Stewpot in the cab he dies.
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