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Animal Farm

No description

Scarlett Kennedy

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Animal Farm
By George Orwell

Animal Farm is an allegory of the Russian Revolution. Certain animals in the book represent the key ideas and famous people of the Russian Revolution.
First of all,
Real Life:
Czar Nicholas II - emperor of Russia
In the book:
Mr.Jones - drunken farmer who owns
Manor Farm
Real Life:
Karl Marx/ Vladimir Lenin -they incited a rebellion
In the book:
Old Major - incited a rebellion of animals
against man.
Animal Farm
is not your typical story... in fact, it's quite the opposite.
Real Life:
Joseph Stalin - leader of the
Soviet Union
In the book:
Napoleon - fierce Berkshire boar who leads Animal Farm with an unfair trotter
(1903 - 1950)
Real Life:
Leon Trotsky - founder of the Red Army and Russian Marxist revolutionary
In the book:
Snowball - one of the pig leaders until driven out by Napoleon as a "traitor".
Real life:
Propaganda Machine - the magazines, newspapers, photos, and radio
In the book:
Squealer - one of the very persuasive cute pig leaders
Real life:
KGB - the Russian secret police on Stalin's side
In the book:
The dogs - always protects Napoleon and threatens any animal who disagrees with their leader
Real life:
In the book:
Proletariats - working
Boxer - strong but stupid horse
White Russians - rich
people who followed
Czar Nicholas II
Benjamin - old donkey who understands what's
going on but doesn't say anything
The Story
In the book, the story starts on the
farm, Manor Farm. The farm is run by Mr.
Jones. The animals are
incited to rebellion
by Old

Major and they overthrow Jones. The animals live
in equality until
power corrupts
. This is the story

that shows power corrupts those who possess it.
Told as a fantasy novel, George Orwell cleverly
mirrors the
Russian Revolution

Bolsheviks - supported Stalin and leaders
of the Soviet Union

The pigs- leaders of Animal Farm and supported Napoleon
The Kremlin - Part of the Soviet Union's
Farmhouse - Jones's house but becomes the
pig's headquarters and home later in the story
Industrialization/ modernization - period of
time when Russia was
modernizing all its

Mollie - a white mare who supports the humanity
Real life:
In the book:
The windmill - the project
that the animals worked on so that
they can get electricity

Communism - type of strict government that the
Russians used
Animalism - the type of
government that the animals in
Animal Farm used
Beasts of England - the animal's anthem in time of the rebellion
L'Internationale - The Russian anthem played during World War II
The KGB was a secret police organization
formed in 1954
. Their main duty was to
protect the government
at all costs. They had many duties but some are: assassinating people, interrogating "traitors", training workers, and
controlling the propaganda

Over the years, many
people began to fear
the KGB for it was known that they could
take people to gulags
. All that the KGB did, it was for the benefit of the government.
No one questioned the KGB
, for fear that they would be killed for treason. Thus, the
government and KGB
made great allies and took control over Russia because of
people's fear
An example of what the KGB did is that they
many "traitors". In Animal Farm, the dogs, put the animals on trial and
them if found guilty. The
dogs represent the KGB
in real life.
Intellectuals - knowledgeable people
Real life:
Real life:
Real life:
Real life:
Real life:
Real life:
In the book:
In the book:
In the book:
In the book:
In the book:
In the book:
The German Soviet Nonaggression Pact And The Betrayal By Hitler
There will
be someone out there in the world ready to take control if no one stops them. This theme is related to the
because the KGB began to gain influence over Russia with the
communist party
. Eventually, over the years,
they became the leaders
of Russia.
KGB History
The KGB had a tight reign on the
. They could
edit the newspaper
so it seems like the Soviet Union government was always doing the right thing. The KGB, in a way, could
manipulate what you think
. In Animal Farm,
the dogs growled
and barked at animals who did not agree with what Squealer was saying. The
animals were afraid
of the dogs, so
they believed everything
that they were told out of fear.
The KGB was also responsible for
guarding important officials
of the Soviet Union government. If anybody was supposedly
against the leader
, the KGB will
eliminate that person
. In Animal Farm, the dogs
protect Napoleon day AND night
. Any animal that gets too close, the dogs will
until they back away.
Felix Dzerzhinsky
Here is a video:
Pravda newspaper
Signed in 1939
, the German-Soviet Nonaggression was to end all tension between the two parties. It was supposed to last for
10 years
, with an auto 5 year extension. The two countries agreed
not to attack each other
or side with another party plotting against the other. But other events changed this.
Here is a video:
The Beginning of World War II
The Pact was terminated, in 1941, when Hitler betrayed
the Soviets. He attacked them without warning in
Operation Barbarossa was the
largest military attack of World
War II
. It was based on the massive attack
. It took place in 1941. Moscow seemed destined to fall. But the German troops were not prepared for the
The theme
power corrupts those who possess it
relates to the Pact and the betrayal by Hitler because Hitler became corrupt. I think that as he tried to take over the world, he began to use his power in a way that suggested a murderer.
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Thank You for Watching!
The German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact drastically changed history. It enabled Germany to invade Poland with no fear of Soviet intervention. After attacking Poland in 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany. This marked the
beginning of World War II
Animal Farm
Real Life
Pinchfield, owned
by Frederick,
agrees not to
attack Animal Farm.
Germany, led by Hitler,
agrees not to attack
the Soviet Union in the
Nonaggression Pact.
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