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Chronic Illness Project

No description

Andrew Krug

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Chronic Illness Project

Chronic Illnesses this is Sparta! Effects of Illnesses Alzheimer's Rheumatoid Arthritis Diabetes Type II Fibromyalgia Osgood Schlatter's Disease Our first disease is Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer's affects the brain which
eventually leads to death because your brain forgets how to breathe. Alzheimer's is a common disease. Many people have this is sparta By: Group awesome Rheumatoid Arthritis is a debilitating disease that affects your joints in your back. Most people live with this disease for as long as they are alive since there is no cure. Side effects of this disease are: a increase in blood pressure, mood swings, weight gain in the stomach, face and neck, glaucoma, fluid retention, swelling in lower legs, as well as inability to move. treatment/meds treatment/meds treatment/meds treatment/meds The Basics Of Osgood Schlater's Disease Osgood Schlatters disease is the swelling of a bump on the upper shinbone below the knee. This is caused by small injuries due the the repeated overuse of the area before it has finished growing. The exedon patch is a great medication for alzheimer's. There are many alternative treatments for Alzheimer's, the FDA does not supervise all of the meds so some of them may not work. Financial Costs Average cost for the exedon patch is $447.00. The milligrams matter a lot when you are taking medicine. Therapy can be free when you exercise or play videos that have family members in the actual video. Symptoms The most noticeable symptom is that there will be swelling below your knee and it will hurt when you walk, jump, run, or bend.

The area below your knee might also be very tender and will be swelling up badly. BASIC FACTS Costs for this disease is very expensive. Methotrexate costs $102.00-$119.00 per month depending on how many milligrams your doctor prescribes for you. Also Enbrel costs $2,609.77 yearly when you have 25 miligrams. If any of these medications help with the terrible pain then it is worth the expense. BASIC FACTS Financial Costs Medications for this chronic illness are Methotrexate, certain shots to relieve pain, and Enbrel. Side effects of Enbrel are risk of infection, risk of cancer, hepatitis B, nervous system problems, blood problems, heart failure, psoriasis, and allergic reactions. Obesity is one of the reasons that you get this disease , which is a present problem for many people in the U.S.
An unhealthy diet with too many sugary foods and consuming too many foods that have a lot of carbohydrates also causes this disease
Type 2 means that you get by your lifestyle choices, unlike of type 1 which means to get it by genetics
Lack of exercise and fiber in your diet also contributes to develop this disease Treatments And Medications Test To See If You Have It Doctors can tell if you have it at physical exams. They also might X-ray your knee to show the damage or swelling happening around the area. Basic facts Basic facts Financial costs Financial costs Fact Rheumatoid Athritis limits your ability to move around. Sometimes it affects your ability to play with your kids, or to be able to walk for a period of time. If you do to much or lift to much you will eventually have a stiff back which will eventually be dibilitating, which means you will not be able to move at all. You can never grow out of this disease, most people with this disease inherit it because it is a genetic illness. It is hard on the family because it limits the amount of activities you can do. I have had this disease By: Caleb Corbitt How This Effects
You And Your Family Financially Osgood Schlatter's Disease doesn't effect you that much financially. The only things you might have to spend money on is ibuprofen and to see a doctor. Activities Osgood Schlatter's disease effects you a lot more when it comes to activities. Since you shouldn't do physical activities why you have it. The doctors manly just want you to rest till it goes away. Anti-depressants, analegesies, and anti-seizure drugs.
Therapy is the only type of non-drug treatment that we know of. Medications Fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of over-active nerves. It can cause pain, sleep disturbances, and depression in patients. Cymbalta: non generic can cost $70-$219 for 20mg
Therapy: insured; $10-$50
uninsured; $50-$200 Treatment .Eliminating physical activities
.In some cases you may need a brace
.In rare cases you may also need surgery
. Put ice on your knee 2 to 4 times a day
.Resting Costs Constantly checking blood sugar levels before any activity
Lifestyle changes like regular aerobic exercise
Eat more foods that are high in fiber and less in glycemicinde
Drugs: Metformin, Glipizidce, Glyburide ,Glime Bride
Rosiglitazone has been linked to heart attack and use of it has been restricted by the FDA
Insulin therapy by: needle & syringe, insulin pen injector and insulin pump
Examples of different types of insulin: lispro, aspart, glargine and detemir .Surgery can cost up to 5000 dollars
.Advil is up to 25$
.Mortin can be up to 15$
Tylenol cna be up to 12$ Bibliography Diabeties causes kidney damage eye damage and foot damage.
The kidneys contain many of tiny blood vessels that filter waste from the blood. Diabetes can hurt this filtering system. If the kidneys become too damaged, a person may have to to filter the blood on their own, or else have a kidney transplant.

According to the ADA, most people with diabetes will be affected by retinopathy, which is damage to the light-sensing tissue at the back of the eye. Glaucoma and cataracts also happen more frequently in people with diabetes. Glaucoma is high pressure inside the eye, which can cause damage to the retina and optic nerve. Cataracts result in cloudy patches on the eye. All three of these eye disorders can cause blindness if not treated.

Type 2 diabetes can also cause nerve damage and poor blood circulation, especially in your feet. The effect of nerve damage includes pain and/or numbness. The numbness can cause a person to injure their foot and not notice it. Poor blood circulation can lead to slow-healing sores and infections, which can lead to amputation. For 5mg of Glipcide it costs up to $68
For 100ml of Insulin lispro it costs up to $292
For an Insulin pump it costs 4,500-6,500 dollars No medications will get rid of the disease but things such as pain relievers and ibuprofen will relieve the pain. Some such as Advil, Tylenol, and Motrin pharmacychecker.com
google & google images
www.alzfdn.org There is no real cure for Alzheimer's
it usually starts in people in ages ranging from 30 to 60
exercise and a healthy diet might be a way to reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer's
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