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Multimodality: engaging the audience's senses in multiple wa

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Taylor Holbrook

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Multimodality: engaging the audience's senses in multiple wa

How is this effective?
The easiest, and the potentially laziest! Your image MUST:
Benefit the context and purpose
Communicate ideas about your topic
Have a caption
Have a citation (these are artifacts!)
Iteration #3: Pull Quotes
A pull quote is separated from the body text.
Iteration #4: Sidebar
A sidebar is a way to bring in digressions that may not fit easily in the flow of your paper. Here's what works well in sidebars:
Related events
Certain statistics (lists?)
Iteration #5: Charts, Graphs, Maps, Tables
Make sure they're clear
Make sure there's a key
Make sure it is captioned and relevant
Iteration #6, and beyond
Be creative! These are not the only types of iterations of your idea.
Multimodality: engaging the audience's senses in multiple ways (multiple iterations)
iteration: A process of speech
: a practice, activity, repetition, or instance of communication
Catchy title
Historical picture
Indented, shaped text
Visually arresting graph
But easy to read!
Iteration #1: The Introduction
*In magazine and web publishing, the term "kicker" or "deck" is used for an intro that is distinguished graphically from the rest of the article
Why is this useful?
Iteration #2: Images
Your image is a rhetorical tool.
It shouldn't look like you Google Imaged for like, four seconds
A picture is worth a thousand words. Your images should convey ideas in a way the text cannot.
Clip art is dumb.
Like any other source, it must be credible and relevant.
Type 1: A quotation from an outside person
Quotation marks
The author/speaker's name
A quotation pulled from your body text
(This means you wrote it)
These are basically sound bytes.
^Does not need quotes
^Does need to highlight a main idea
Remember: These should be distinguished visually
A sidebar usually is shaded
*This can be a chart you create yourself and/or one located on the internet. Just make sure you cite!
Screenshots of Social Media
or advertisements, Websites, etc
Your eportfolios give you more iteration opportunities: Youtube, embedded sound bites...
Let's give it a shot.
1. On a separate document, make a list the types of multimodality you think could benefit your paper.

2. Using our powers of research, find/create three visual iterations (not the pull quotes) to insert within the text.

3. Copy these into the same document into the list, adding captions.

4. Send to my email (taylor.j.holbrook@biola.edu) by the end of class.

NOW you can open your laptops.
An image shouldn't just serve the function of "oh, so that's what that thing looks like."
The Research Paper: A 1600 word minimum multimodal, argumentative essay exploring our course theme within a current and real-life setting.
Redemption through violence:
Political issues/Civic Issues
Human rights
Media issues (movies, internet, advertizing, video games)
Representations in art
Religious issues
1. Define "violence."
2. Define "redemption."

What is the issue?
How did it develop? Why did it happen/is it happening?
Who is involved?
Is there any "good" or "redeeming" factors that come out of this violence? Any hope?


Research Proposal:
2 pg. paper, outlining the rough topic you’d like to pursue. Hard copy due at Mid-Term Conferences, 3/5

Annotated Bibliography:
6-8 annotated sources. RD Due 3/10 (only 3-4), FD Due with Research Paper

Research Paper:
A 1600 word minimum multimodal, argumentative essay exploring our course theme within a current/historical and real-life setting. RD #1 Due 3/17, RD #2 Due 3/24, FD Due 4/2

Celebration of Student Writing Project
: A creative and tangible interpretation of your research topic to be displayed with the rest of the class’ work at the CSW. CSW 3/31

Research Paper/Celebration Presentation:
A 5-7 minute presentation of 1) your research topic and argument, and 2) your creative application + experiences at the CSW. Presentations 4/14 + 4/16
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