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AP Psych 2011

No description

Kate Duggan

on 9 August 2016

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Transcript of AP Psych 2011

Monday, May 1, 2015
100 MC in 70 min
2 Essays in 50 min
Students will be evaluated on the basis of tests, quizzes, assignments, notebook completion, and class participation.
Myers’ Psychology for AP
You must have your notebook with you every day. You may leave it in the classroom or take it home with you. Do not think that you can get by without it. Every class opens with a written Do Now on a specific page of the notebook. All notes and all work will have a place in that notebook.
Missed tests must be made up in a timely fashion, within a week of your return. It is your responsibility to remember to take the test.
Students are responsible to take all tests and submit all assignments. Outside reading reports may also be required.
Open and honest communication among all members of our class is encouraged. There may be topics addressed which may make you feel uncomfortable. These may be the areas in your life you need most to consider and discuss. Communication really helps. We are all here to increase each other’s ability to learn.
Here's how to succeed in this class:
Be here. Be on time. Attendance is important!
Respect! Respect yourself, your word, the teacher, your fellow students. Respect the rules. You've been in school a lot of years. You are smart. You know the drill. Do it.
Keep up with the reading.
Keep up with the notebook.
Make up work in a timely way. If you are absent, you still must do the work.
This is a year long course designed to prepare you to pass the AP Exam in early May, for possible college credit.
Here is how to contact me:
And here is the link to my Facebook Page for this class:
A - 90-100%
B - 80-89%
C - 70-79%
D - 60-69%
F - below 60%
You will need these supplies:
Spiral notebook (200 pages), college ruled
Blue or black pen, pencil with an eraser
Colored pencils and/or crayons
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