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Winter Olympic Overview

No description

Kelly Dowd

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Winter Olympic Overview

Opening Ceremonies
The opening ceremonies celebrate the start of the Olympics. There are performances and all of the Olympians get to be in a parade with other athletes from their country.
Olympic Torch
The Olympic torch relay includes many runners who pass the flame. It is considered a "relay of peace". At the end a giant torch is lit in the Olympic stadium.
Olympic Symbols
Olympic Rings
The Olympic rings has 5 different colored rings representing the 5
continents of the world.
Olympic Winter Sports
Ice Skating
Speed Skating
Olympic Medals
The top 3 athletes in each event win a medal.
*1st Place wins a gold medal. The winner has the
national anthem
of their country played.
*2nd place wins a silver medal.
*3rd place wins a bronze medal.
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