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Course Explorer

No description

Dennis Falcon

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Course Explorer

Your Political Science and American Government

Associate it
Analyze it
Apply it
What does the subject of "government" make you think of?
e.g., Your own familiarity with government
e.g., Your own experience with public officials
Break the subject into parts. Explain how it works.
How is government used? How can it be used? How should it be used?
Critically understand government and its role in society
Make informed judgements about government in America
Make critical observations about government and politics in America
What works, what doesn't
Argue For
or Against It
copy and paste as needed to add notes to your brainstorm
Describe it
Examine the subject closely and describe it
e.g., What is government?
e.g., Why government?
Main Idea:
Why knowing more about government is important . . .
Compare it
What is it similar to? What is it different from?
i.e., other social institutions
How we will use this template:
Fill with material from the text , lectures, and personal experience to fill in the tiles
Develop claims and evidence, and arguments about the subject
How to use this template 2:
Move through the tiles and find an area to develop
different tiles focus on different attributes of the topic
Need to add a tile?
That's what these are for!
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