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The Quest of the Golden Fleece

No description

Ansa Malik

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of The Quest of the Golden Fleece

The Quest of the Golden Fleece
Word Study/Vocabulary
The Myth in Literature
Argonautica, By: Apollonius
The Fleece, By: John Dyer
The Life and Death of Jason, By: William Morris
Heriones, By: Ovid
The Golden Fleece, By: Padraic Colum
Medea is often interperted as a witch wonder-worker in different types of literature.

AEson is the father of Jason. He becomes tired of ruling and hands the throne down to his brother Pelias until Jason comes to age.
Jason is AEson's son and the rightful owner of the throne. His uncle refuses to step down from the throne, so he sends Jason on a quest. Throughout the quest, Jason encounters countless situations that teaches him many lessons.
Pelias becomes the ruler after his brother retires from the throne. He denies giving the throne to Jason and sends him on a quest. However, due to his wrong actions, he is punished for what he has done in the end.
Medea is the daughter of King AEetes. She helps Jason by helping him escape safely with the golden fleece.
Exposition: King AEson retires from the throne and gives the throne to his brother Pelias.
Rising action: Jason arrives to claim the throne but Pelias refuses to give it to him. Pelias sends Jason on a quest for the golden fleece and if he returns then the throne is his.
Climax: Jason captures the golden fleece, with the help of Medea, and returns back to Pelias.
Falling action: Pelias refuses to give power to Jason even though Jason returned with the fleece.
Resolution: Medea tricks Pelias' daughters into killing him, resulting in Jason rightfully stepping into power.
that said, "Fear a man with one sandal." It just so happened that Jason arrived to Pelias with only one sandal, resulting in Pelias sending Jason on the quest.
Foreshadowing: When Pelias first came to power, he had an oracle
The theme is the moral of a story. The theme in this story is that being greedy always comes back to bite you, it never benefits you. In the myth, Pelias lets the greed and wealth get to him. He sends Jason on the quest only to get rid of him. However, Jason returns and becomes king while Pelias ends up dying from his own actions. This theme goes along perfectly with the story because Pelias is greedy and only wants what's best for himself, not others. In the end, his greed comes back to bite him, resulting in his death.
Golden Fleece: The skin of a ram that Mercury had given to Queen Nephale
Argonauts: The people who sailed on the Argo
Harpies: Creatures with bodies and heads of women and raven-like feet
Formidable: Fearful or impressively large
Argo: The ship that Jason sails on
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Hawthorne, Nathaniel. "Jason, Medea, and the Quest for the Golden Fleece." About.com. N.p., 2002. Web. 10 Nov. 2013. <http://ancienthistory.about.com/library/bl/bl_goldenfleece.htm>.

Original Reading List
1) Who is Pelias and what was his character like throughout the story?
2) What does the golden fleece symbolize?
3) How are Pelias and the King AEtes alike?
4) Who is Medea?
5) How did Medea help Jason escape safely with the fleece?
The Quest
One of the oars breaks, so Hercules and Hyles go ashore to find wood for new ones. Hercules becomes thirsty, so Hyles goes to fetch water for him. Unfortunately, Hyles is taken by sea nymphs.
The Argo reaches Colchis to find the fleece. The King of Colchis, King AEtes, would not directly hand over the fleece. He says that Jason has to complete a mini-quest the following day to claim the fleece. The mini-quest is to harness two bulls that are kept in Mars' temple and sow the dragon's teeth. While Jason is sleeping in the Argo, Medea (the King's daughter) comes and gives Jason a magic ointment to protect him from getting hurt. The next day Jason successfully finishes the tasks. The King panics and devises a plan to kill Jason at dawn. Medea sneaks past the dragon, fetches the fleece, and escapes with Jason and his crew before dawn. They escape the King and successfully capture the golden fleece to bring to Pelias.
1) Pelias is AEson's brother and the temporary King until AEson's son Jason comes to age.
2) The golden fleece symbolizes determination and hard work because Jason struggled to get it, all for the purpose of being King.
3) Pelias and King AEtes are alike because they are both greedy and only care about themselves. Pelias sent Jason away to get rid of him so that he could be King. The King of Colchis planned to kill Jason so that he could have the fleece for himself.
4) Medea is King AEtes' daughter.
5) Medea helps Jason by giving him a special ointment and by capturing the fleece before her father plans to kill Jason.
By: Ansa Malik
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